The Case for Teresa Agnes

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***WARNING:  This is SPOILER-HEAVY on The Maze Runner Trilogy, so if you haven’t finished the trilogy and you don’t want to know what happens, then please don’t read!***

I just finished reading the final book of the Maze Runner trilogy, The Death Cure.  So, let’s just get this out of the way.  The Maze Runner trilogy was never about who Thomas would end up with.  This isn’t a romance series.  The end of the world was at hand in this book, and there’s a lot of things that happen to Thomas as well as his friends and the two main females that, in one way or another, find a connection with Thomas.

Being said that this isn’t a romance series, there’s still a bit of romance in there, which is what brings me to this post.  Teresa and Thomas vs. Brenda and Thomas.

I’ve been scouting around and there are many people that, after reading the trilogy, are happy that Thomas ended up with Brenda because they ended up, like Minho, hating Teresa.  Fine, you know, I’ll begrudgingly accept the fact that Thomas ended up with Brenda.  But to hate Teresa?  Here’s my problem with that logic.  Thomas and Teresa grew up together, played together, worked together, even spoke together in their minds,  because they were placed together to help WICKED.  Thomas and Teresa were involved in creating the Maze.  Thomas and Teresa had agreed to go through with it, knowing what was already happening, because they believed they were helping save the human race.

Now, here’s where things get tricky.  Because of the memory swipe, Thomas is left to his own new thinking.  See, in the third book, you realize that Thomas started having second thoughts, albeit it was more like an inkling in the back of his mind that maybe WICKED’s ways weren’t the best approach on how to fix the world, but he had already invested pretty much his whole life into it that he went along with it.  That is,  until he was put in the Maze and started becoming very involved with his group of gladers.  He was able to be part of them, live with them,  become friends with them.

Now there’s Teresa.  Teresa is slightly different in the fact that she wholly believed WICKED was doing the right thing.  She accepted it.  She basically put all her hope into it.  We don’t know what she saw before she got involved with WICKED, but obviously she knew the world needed to be fixed desperately and WICKED was where she put her hope it.  She thought that Thomas had as well.  When she was brought into the glade, she was in a coma for most of the time she was there, and for whatever reason WICKED had in their variables, she was given the opportunity to communicate with Aris in the other maze while in her coma. She eventually was able to communicate with Thomas,  too.  She did have more of her memories about WICKED than Thomas did, and when she woke up, she didn’t get to establish any kind of friendship with any of the gladers that Thomas got a chance to do.  She was, to them,  still an outsider.  The only one who would give her a chance was Thomas, because they both knew they had something between each other.  Best friends prior to the swipe,  maybe lovers, who knew at that point.

The thing is that, as a reader, you get to see the relationship between Thomas and Teresa, and you start wanting it to develop into something good and close and happy.  James Dashner always has Thomas bring her up, constantly.  Even when they lose the telepathy communication between each other, or even when he’s mad at Teresa, Thomas still has her in the back of his mind.  You’re led to believe they could be something great together.

Then things go really horrendously bad for Thomas in the second book that changes the way Thomas feels about her completely.  Teresa is separated from him and the other gladers, and WICKED forces her to do things that she really doesn’t want to do because she knows it will hurt Thomas.  You know what?  She does them anyway.  You might think, well, that’s a reason to hate her.  Because why would someone who cares about you hurt you, both physically and emotionally, right?  Well, how about if you thought that all your actions were for the sole purpose of saving millions of people, or saving the whole human race?  This is the dilemma that Teresa is constantly struggling with.  And she sacrificed, yes, sacrificed, the trust and relationship she had with Thomas for that purpose.  She still had her hope in WICKED, and believed it fully because that’s what she wrote on her arm.  Wouldn’t you trust what you wrote on your arm?

The thing is, she never wanted to hurt Thomas or kill Thomas.  Her thought was that, if having Thomas truly believe he was betrayed by Teresa was going to help save the world, she was doing the right thing.  I’m not saying her logic was not flawed, but yes, she was sadly misguided, probably by her own belief in what she wrote on her arm.  Thomas understood after all, but this is where the first time my heart goes out to her, because she knew what she was risking when she pounded him and forced him into that chamber.  She was risking a loving relationship with her best friend.  And Thomas couldn’t find it in himself to forgive her for making that choice.

At this point, he’s already met Brenda, whom Thomas does admit to being a beautiful girl.  Still Thomas is thinking about Teresa, even while being with Brenda.  Thomas is a confused teenage boy, admit it.  Throughout the whole time, like I said, even when he’s lost trust in Teresa, he still wants her with him.  Maybe not in a romantic way, but he knew the connection between them was still strong.  But now with Brenda there, he has found a connection with someone else, someone who, although quite a bit too forward for my liking, he does find an attraction for. It’s not outright said that he does, but it’s certainly strongly hinted at.  So, now with Teresa having betrayed his trust,  Thomas was able to transfer it to someone else, while Teresa had to deal with her consequences.

And I have to say that Teresa is a much stronger person than many of these characters in the book are.  That’s why she takes my number 1 spot as favorite character of the trilogy.  Even when we get into the third book, and you’re still not sure where Teresa lies, especially because she wants the swipe removed and Thomas doesn’t (c’mon, I know many of you think he should’ve had the swipe removed as well, and deal with the decisions he made previous to being put in the glade).  Interestingly enough, Teresa finally sees that WICKED’s plans are far more destructive than helpful at this point, after all that she and the others have been through, because she has people she considers friends now, something that she didn’t have in the glade.

Teresa never betrayed Thomas after the Scorch Trials (and probably never did before then either), yet Thomas always had that doubt about her (another reason I wish Thomas had gotten the swipe removed, especially when at one point he communicated to Teresa how he wished he could remember how they were before).  Now even though we pretty much see everything through Thomas’ POV, I believe Teresa’s actions mostly revolved around Thomas after her betrayal,  with the exception of having the swipe removed.  But after that, her thoughts were about Thomas, finding Thomas, helping Thomas, saving Thomas.  She said she would do whatever she could to convince to earn his trust again – well, she said to make up for her mistakes, but honestly, I believe she ultimately wanted his complete trust back.  Unfortunately, and in an unbelievably heartbreaking conclusion, it would lead to her sacrificing herself for him, not once, but twice – the second time being the fatal blow.

What kills me even more is that not everyone in the story knows or understands how much she did, and even the mourning for her just seemed so thoughtless.  I mean, maybe Thomas never really liked Teresa like a girlfriend anyway.  Maybe she was always just a friend to him, but the fact is he knew how she felt about him and in the end, when not even a whole day had passed, he accepted Brenda completely.  Sure, it said he hurt for Teresa’s death, but honestly, if that was my best friend (and it is stated that he lost his 3 closest friends), I would’ve been mourning a lot longer than he had.  But that’s Thomas, I guess (which is probably why he’s not in my top 5 favorite fictional male characters).

It’s odd how Teresa’s death hurts as much as an actual person’s death to me right now.  Maybe not like the death of a family member, but somewhat like a friend’s death would hurt.  I actually cared about this person, because her personality is so realistic in many ways.   She admits to having made mistakes and accepts the consequences of her actions, even that of losing her closest, and probably only, true friend (being that they grew up together) and yet she tries with all her power to make up for it.  Even now, I’m crying about her, which is very strange.

So, okay fine.  Let Brenda have Thomas.   Like Brenda more than Teresa if you wish.  But try not to hate Teresa. How can you hate someone who only thought she was doing the right thing for mankind, with her best friend at that, and knowing that she saved his life by giving up her own?  How can you hate her knowing that she didn’t hate any of them?

I can’t.  It’s my hope that if you find this post and you did hate Teresa, that you will find it in your heart to learn to see things a little differently after reading this.

Oh, and by the way, I cried when Newt died, too.   At least you all didn’t hate him.

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  1. Hey…..I just read your post about Teresa Agnes. You were so accurate in every possible way. I think that by the time you posted this….the prequels had not been released and I want to tell you that even without reading the prequels, you wrote so accurately about her. I felt exactly the same way about her as you wrote, but I could not express them in words. When she died…..I thought that it was the most undeserved thing that a person could ever get. Having read all the five books of the series, I searched about Teresa Agnes and came through a number of stuffs related to her, but I never got what I wanted, untill I came across your blog. Thank you so much, and keep posting ….your an amazing reviewer.

  2. I really love Teresa

    It’s something sad thing in her dead, I never imagined Thomas and Brenda, for me always gone a be Teresa and Thomas, more por the friendship who relationship.

    Teresa always treated to save Thomas life, she do everything for save her, it’s not fair the people hate Teresa, the only she wanted is save her best friend, always, this is admirable and is one of more qualities, like always think in who wicked can help the world, maybe she’s wrong but she thinks it’s very selfish save herself for being afraid to save the world.

    I love Teresa, for me is a super girl, a really good person and has the mind of hero.

  3. I like Brenda and Thomas, but I do feel for Theresa I think it was very unfortunate what happened to her but she must have known that the things she did was going to cost her friendship with Thomas, once the trust is gone there is no way to repair it. I see people saying that Brenda lied to him too, but we have to look at it this way, he was much closer to Theresa than he was when Brenda came to the picture. It would hurt me more if a close friend did that to me. With Brenda it was a different dynamic so i’ts not fair to compare both relationships. I do not hate Theresa she had her reasons but unfortunately it didn’t planned out the way she had hoped for.

  4. Ok you people do realize that Thomas was safe and out of the reach of wicked and that Teresa’s betrayed caused many people to die? How could anyone think wicked was anything but we’ll wicked?

  5. I accept that Teresa died, but now how she died and how her relationship with Thomas ended.

    First, Thomas would be in better terms with Teresa, he should’ve realized that all the stuff Teresa did in the Scorch was to save Thomas life. That really irrateted me that he didn’t understand. He should’ve atleast get his trust back for Teresa. As we know, Thomas did still have feelings for Teresa in the ending. When they were “esacping the maze” the second time. They were attacked by a Griever. Teresa wanted to “offer hes life and she jumped on the Greiver. But Thomas didn’t want her to die so he saved her life.

    Second, Teresas dead would be better instead of “falling rocks”
    I think it would’ve played out better if for exampel. The Ratman shot Teresa and it would end up with Chuck scenario. Thomas rushes and kills the Ratman and then goes back to Teresa (As I said in first, this is the same scenario that Thomas is in better terms with Teresa)
    He would hold her like he did with chuck and say how much he loved her, that she shouldn’t die blablabla. You get the point, right? Teresa would say ” I always cared about… (you?)” Minho and the rest would drag him away while he is crying.

    Third, Thomas would still kiss Brenda. But he feelt a sting of.. cheating? nah. I don’t really know. He should be more depressed also. But still not be so selfish. I think that Brenda, Jorge and kansler paige got something hidden.

    What is your thoughts about my comment?

  6. So, I will start this comment by saying, I mean no hate towards you or your opinions. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t comment at all. I more prefer to understand and offer my opinion. Also to add, I’ve not read any of the books, so my opinion can very well be ignorant as all I have to offer is about the first two movies and the spoilers I’ve read regarding the third book. I am of the opinion that different adaptations should be separate entities but am curious about this subject because it seems everybody loves Teresa, even after her huge fuck-up(that’s what I’d call it).
    I realize mistakes are made by everyone, and some are catastrophic, but it’s hard to forgive this one. We’re they not safe? We’re they not finally out of the enemies clutches? And yet she turns Thomas(and a lot of innocent people) over to them, to keep Thomas safe? What the fuck? It makes utterly, no sense in my mind. And assuming it did make sense, her devotion to Thomas lead to the deaths of innocent people. It just isn’t redeemable in my mind. I, in fact find her death by sacrifice very suitable. Again, I only make this comment because I wish to understand why people hate Brenda when she has ACTUALLY saved Thomas’ life, but love Teresa when she’s responsible for other needless deaths.

    • I have watched the three movies and read the books as well.
      From the movie point of view….you are correct, but Teresa Agnes is far more different in the books. She has been portrayed so good that you will literally cry after her death( if you understand her doings from her point of view.)

  7. O.M.G!!!!!! U GO GIRL!!!!! I love Theresa. I wish she could be my bestie. In the middle of scorch trials I just had a feeling something was wrong and she wouldn’t do such a thing. U wrote how I felt throughout the series, THX!!!!! I was looking for forums on BRENDA VS THERESA hoping Theresa would win over everyone. All I found was BRENDA this, BRENDA that. I mean, would BRENDA risk her relationship with him and lose his trust to save him, NO!!!!!! Uggghhhh!!!For some reason the second Brenda kissed Thomas on the cheecks, and Thomas BLUSHED I was like “no u didn’t” and I went all defensive over Theresa and was like ” u cheating @&$)?!!!(exaggeration here)”. Once again thx so much for writing this, we should meet up some time!!! JK LOL! Anyway, you’re right, I think before the maze they were more than just ” friends.” ALL U HATERS OUT THERE, WITHOUT THERESA, THE BOOK WOULDNT BE AMAZING, GOT IT!!!!!!!

    Sorry, hehehe, fan girl moment, I was just so happy someone agreed with me. THERESA ISNT A BACKSTABBER!!!!! I can’t believe Theresa died like that, worst decision ever James Dashner.

  8. I’m truly disappointed by the ending of The Death Cure.
    Thomas has became so ignorant, selfish, narrow-minded and does not appreciate what Teresa did for him.
    And nobody seems to understand Teresa’s sacrifices.
    I can imagine how Teresa had to struggle to hurt Thomas physically and emotionally. She sure suffered emotionally more than Thomas did because she has to force herself to hurt someone she loved so much, hoping to save his live, and she has to act calm all the time, only to be hated by everyone and seen as a betrayal.
    Sad. That’s really sad.

  9. I totally agree. It was the hardest thing to deal with. Thomas was completely unwilling to forgive her for something she did just to save his life.
    What a horrible person. How could you be so belligerent up to her final demise so as to not forgive her for something that his heart wanted to.
    In my unofficial better ending, this is what happens.
    Thomas and Teresa are running toward the door and the world is collapsing around them, Thomas sees Teresa and realizes all she has done for him and that she really has always been his best friend and although they be nothing more than best friends, he reaches out to grab her hand. Because he grabs her hand as they run he is never under the giant piece of cement. Teresa lives and goes through the portal. They all end up in the grass and sit and talk to each other. Thomas talks to Teresa about how they are such good friends and how he remembers so much and he is so happy that she is so amazing. He forgives her but since he is still only a youngin’ he doesn’t decide who to spend forever with yet. It doesn’t matter after all, he has his best friends. Newt also some how doesn’t ever get the virus and instead Minho was not immune… Them telling that Newt wasn’t immune was only another trial. Happiness all around.

  10. Okay, what the hell. This goes to everyone who believe Teresa was a horrible piece of crap. Teresa and Thomas belonged together. They grew up and were in love. Even with his memories gone, Thomas could feel a connection. And because he didn’t freaking choose to get his memories back, he didn’t remember his love for her after his anger. What Teresa did was totally acceptable. If she hadn’t tricked Thomas to make him think he was betrayed, he would have died. Or at least that was what she was told. And Thomas doesn’t properly forgive her until she has to freaking die. But when shucking Brenda lies all throughout the Scorch, she’s just forgiven in minutes. She only feels sorry for what she did because she ended up liking Thomas. If she didn’t like him, would that make her actions acceptable? Then she fucking KISSES him, minutes after Teresa has died. She had been waiting for that since she began liking him, for Teresa to get out of the way. Also, when Thomas see Aris at the Right Arm’s Munie capture place, it says, “Seeing Aris’s familiar face made Thomas realize that any bitterness he’d felt about what had happened between them in the Scorch was gone.”. Like WTF? How come Aris is forgiven in a glace but Teresa has to DIE? Ugh. I literally want Brenda to rot. She’s been judging Teresa since she saw her, and takes any chance to kiss Thomas in from of her. Mean while Teresa just shakes hands and acts like a civil person. And I agree with the person the posted this with the part that Teresa has the right to believe something SHE, HERSELF, wrote on her arm not to forget it. If I did that, I would also think there was an explanation to WICKED’s seemingly bad look.

    ANYWAYS, just saying, Teresa over Brenda all day every day.

  11. Wow!! This is written in such an amazing way thank you Thomas is a dummy and really if you think about it why would he need to forgive Teresa. for saving his life? In my opinion Brenda and Thomas deserve each other and Thomas in no way deserved such a loyal friend as Teresa if I could replace lives Teresa and newt would be alive and Thomas and brenda …..

  12. I still hate Teresa, even after reading this post. She is my least favorite in the trilogy while Thomas is my favorite. She neglected to tell Thomas that she’d been in contact with Aris while in the Glade (why, we wonder?) and in the second book acts pretty damn well when beating Thomas up twice in the desert. She has almost no character development, barely communicates with anyone but Thomas, and doesn’t try all that hard to gain Thomas’s trust back. In addition she has no real back up as to why everyone should trust WICKED.
    Meanwhile, Brenda starts by working with WICKED, but after meeting Thomas and initiating a relationship with him, turns good for the rest of the series, without all the confusing and unexplained flip flops we see with Teresa, where she’s good for one chapter and bad the next.
    Also, Thomas wakes up in the Glade confused and scared to death, with no memory of creating the Maze in the first place. After becoming friends with the Gladers he suddenly realzies how horrible WICKED is now that he’s on the other side of the experiment. How can Teresa possibly expect Thomas to believe that WICKED is good after he has experienced that? WICKED let innocent kids die for God’s sake.
    Brenda continually helps Thomas and friends while Teresa disappears at random times and doesn’t even try to understand Thomas’s perspective. Teresa barely talks to anyone anyway. She has the idea that she’s “all important” and for some reason is astounded and disgusted when Thomas doesn’t trust her. I wonder why, HUH? Because she’s in kahoots with the same people that trapped Thomas and his friends in the Maze and let many of them die without a second thought.
    In the majority if the series, there is a lot of tension between Thomas and Teresa anyway, where are Thomas and teresa have much more chemistry. Teresa is very two dementional, whereas Thomas and Brenda are very real and relatable characters with realistic motives.

  13. I still hate Teresa, even after reading this post. She is my least favorite in the trilogy while Thomas is my favorite. She neglected to tell Thomas that she’d been in contact with Aris while in the Glade (why, we wonder?) and in the second book acts pretty damn well when beating Thomas up twice in the desert. She has almost no character development, barely communicates with anyone but Thomas, and doesn’t try all that hard to gain Thomas’s trust back. In addition she has no real back up as to why everyone should trust WICKED.
    Meanwhile, Brenda starts by working with WICKED, but after meeting Thomas and initiating a relationship with him, turns good for the rest of the series, without all the confusing and unexplained flip flops we see with Teresa, where she’s good for one chapter and bad the next.
    Also, Thomas wakes up in the Glade confused and scared to death, with no memory of creating the Maze in the first place. After becoming friends with the Gladers he suddenly realzies how horrible WICKED is now that he’s on the other side of the experiment. How can Teresa possibly expect Thomas to believe that WICKED is good after he has experienced that? WICKED let innocent kids die for God’s sake.
    Brenda continually helps Thomas and friends while Teresa disappears at random times and doesn’t even try to understand Thomas’s perspective. Teresa barely talks to anyone anyway. She has the idea that she’s “all important” and for some reason is astounded and disgusted when Thomas doesn’t trust her. I wonder why, HUH? Because she’s in kahoots with the same people that trapped Thomas and his friends in the Maze and let many of them die without a second thought.
    In the majority if the series, there is a lot if tension between Thomas and Teresa anyway, where are Thomas and teresa have much more chemistry. Teresa is very two dementional, whereas Thomas and Brenda are very real and relatable characters with realistic motives.

  14. I cried when Chuck, newt, and Teresa died…many times. But I’m glad Thomas is happy with Brenda, I just wished that Teresa didn’t die because I knew how much she did care about him whether it was as a best-friend, or as something more. At least he said sorry to her in the end when she was crushed and about to die…

  15. Are you stupid? Teresa was nothing but a complete trader. She wasn’t there for Thomas and she did not love him at all. She was being totally selfish and she did what she did out of fear. Fear and selfishness. Her love was not as strong for Thomas as you’re making it seem. Her mind is clearly very gullible and easily persuaded. Teresa is actually the weakest character there is. But brenda seems way more strong and independent. Did anyone else notice how much more brenda was looking out for Thomas than Teresa? Teresa is more of the “oh no ! Someone save me !” Type of girl. But brenda and thomas together? I see that their bond is gonna be more like a team kind of bond. Like a bonnie and clyde kind of thing. Because she’s strong and brave just like Thomas. That’s one thing that Teresa didn’t have for thomas. She didn’t have enough mental strength. As you can see Thomas is very determine and brave. Brenda is much more strong and independent. Brenda is the Not afraid to break a nail kind of girl and that’s what Thomas needs. Besides Teresa obviously didn’t even have faith in Thomas and what’s love without faith? There is no love. Thomas had to move on. A trader Is a trader. In real life there are times similar to events in this movie that reveals who is really there for u and who isnt.

    • No, I am not stupid. I have made my thoughtful opinion known and take it as you will, but it’s not stupid. I don’t degrade people for having their own opinion, especially if it’s a well thought out opinion. I’d appreciate the same respect. Teresa may be a traitor (not “trader”), but she had her reasons. It may not have been the wisest reason, but she did love Thomas in her own way.
      I know many won’t understand or comprehend my opinion of her (I’m going to assume that you did read my whole essay,) but that is precisely why I wrote this in the first place. I certainly didn’t think anyone wrong in wanting Thomas for Brenda, only the utter hatred of Teresa despite the things she did to try to protect Thomas and the rest of them in her own way.
      I should also point out that this essay was written based on the books, not the movies.

      • I am with u on that!definitely! Many people hate Teresa so much. But in my opinion, she’s great. If someone told me that I have to betray the guy I love or they will kill him, I would do what Teresa did (that is if I really do care about him). I actually agree with what Teresa did. She showed that she really cared about Tom and was willing to sacrifice their relationship to save him. I am a girl who is very prone to peer pressure and finds it hard to do what’s right because I’m afraid of losing the love of my friends. But Teresa did. That’s why I like her character so much, because I so wanna be like her.
        But your opinion my opinion

    • I’m sorry I don’t agree with u. But my opinion ur opinion. I just don’t hate Teresa at all. I was mad but… I would’ve done the same thing. Ok actually maybe not. I’m the type of person who is very weak. I find it hard to do the right thing because I’m afraid what my friends will think of me. But Teresa did what she knew she had to do that Thomas could be safe, even when she knew he might hate her for it. That’s the thing, I wish to be like her. I want to do the right thing even if my friends will hate me for it. Maybe this argument will seem ridiculous for u but then it’s my opinion. There r a lot of people who agree that Teresa is awful tho

  16. Teresa and WICKED are the representation of the arrogance of the human race, that the survival of humans trump any amount of suffering and evil that may be brought on towards this end. It’s wrong, period. What they did is unethical and immoral, and Teresa actively participated in it, fully knowing what she was doing. It doesn’t matter how Teresa came to justify it in her head, or how her background and experiences led her to this – she is a bad person who did terrible things in the name of an ideology that brought terrible suffering. Feel free to make an argument you want but if the only way to save human beings is to sacrifice people’s lives, then maybe human beings should simple cease to be as a species. I hate Teresa for what she did, and I’m glad Thomas turned his back on her.

    • I am with u on that!definitely! Many people hate Teresa so much. But in my opinion, she’s great. If someone told me that I have to betray the guy I love or they will kill him, I would do what Teresa did (that is if I really do care about him). I actually agree with what Teresa did. She showed that she really cared about Tom and was willing to sacrifice their relationship to save him. I am a girl who is very prone to peer pressure and finds it hard to do what’s right because I’m afraid of losing the love of my friends. But Teresa did. That’s why I like her character so much, because I so wanna be like her

  17. It really depends on your point of view and how you yourself would react in a similar situation. I mean, I see a lot of people lashing out at Thomas for not forgiving her or understanding why she made the choice she did, or outright just calling him “a jerk” (really? *sigh*). Has anyone truly bothered to imagine themselves being on Thomas end? It certainly doesn’t seem that way considering how judgemental people are of him and that’s something that really bothers me. Can you honestly sit there and say you’d just outright forgive her for her betrayal? If you do, you’re either too forgiving or just an idiot. She made a choice and betrayed him. How the heck did you expect him to react? She took everything there was between them, trust and their connection, and just stepped on all of it and rubbed her sole on it for good measure. In his eyes that was simply something unforgivable. It doesn’t matter how much she thought about him or what she did afterwards because the damage was already done and let’s face it; her betrayal wasn’t exactly a minor thing. I certainly wouldn’t have forgiven her either because I don’t take betrayal lightly, and apparently neither does Thomas.
    As for her death all I have to say is this…good riddance. Sometimes death is the only penance. And as I always say; if you’ve been betrayed once there’s nothing that says they won’t do it again.

    • I 100% agre with you.

      Moreover, I think that the blackmail “You’ll betray Thomas or he’ll die” was an empty menace. If you need a Thomas’s emotion, why kill him without it? I think that the mission was a test for Teresa. She received a terrible mission, without explanations and with poor coherence and she should take an option. She decided to be a traitor and after she said that she took the correct way only because WCKD said it.

      She even asked Thomas if he felt betrayed. My God, girl, you kidnapped him with violence, you lied him, you hit him until concussion, you played with his hopes, you kissed another boy in front of him and finally you cheated him with a false death. He fell asleep thinking that it was his last moment alive. Did you need a confirmation? In addition, she didn’t give to Thomas enough time to get over it.

      She failed the test. She was a “WCKED’s woman”. She followed the orders without reflexion (an empty blackmail was enough to convince her) and did the work with robotic precision, without gradations, breaking all the bridges (even Aris had a moment of weakness before to put Thomas in the chamber, when he was suffering the panic in front of a certain death). She was non appropiate for the cure and her elimination, what an irony, condemned Thomas to a vivisection.

    • I understand your point of view and I am so aware of your words because while reading the books I truely “lived” them with the same emotions as Thomas did. The only thing I don’t get is your just as judgmental point of view on Teresa as some others may have on Thomas. You said “it really depends on your point of view” but have you imagined yourself as Teresa even for one second? Even if her love wasn’t in a romantic way, there still was love, love for a friend who she’d rather save and never be forgiven for what she’s done than lose him. So, the same way you don’t understand why people call Thomas outright a jerk, I don’t understand why you call Teresa a betrayer, when she truly stayed at his side ’till death. Heck, she even died for him!
      Even though it might seem as she just played her part, being a nice “WICKED’s woman”, it is revealed in some way why she made herself believe “WICKED is good.” so badly in The Kill Order. At least, in my opinion, she had been way more than that, with a personality way more complex than we will ever know and understand. She showed her love the way she knew, the way she could and we should stop being so cruel and label everybody because everyone is so much more than that.
      Overall, as far as I’m concerned, I hope I haven’t offended you. I respect your opinion, even though I do not fully agree with it.

  18. Thank you so, so much for writing this. I love Teresa, and I resent Thomas for brushing aside her death. I hate how he just put her out of his mind and go off to kiss Brenda. I never liked Brenda- I feel like she was forced into Thomas and Teresa’s relationship. And I am absolutely disgusted with Brenda’s reaction to Teresa’s death. Just one “I’m sorry” and a few minutes later, she pulls Thomas into a kiss. It’s like she doesn’t have respect for Teresa at all.

  19. I do have something to say about Brenda. There’s something fishy about her. She told Thomas to trust her and chancellor paige and only them. And at the end of the story, she said something like everything’s going to be okay as if she knew this was coming.

    At the middle of the third book, she said something, like, Thomas is heading the right way and she’ll guide him whatever. Its just I think she knew from the very beginning that there’s a safe place for the Immunes, but she stayed silent about it. Could’ve save more lives if she told everyone earlier.

  20. Thank you for writng this! Now, I can banish the thought that I was the only one who cared about her. But another thing I really hate was that everyone is constantly mourning on Newt’s death. Yeah, sure I cried when he died but come on! Chuck died too and all they say is they’re sad. And what really disgusts me is that it seems like they don’t even care that Teresa died!….. Atleast now I know that I’m not the only one who winces whenever the memory of Teresa’s death pops up in my mind. Though Newt was my favorite character, I still keep Teresa close to my heart, and Thomas close to my murder list. Haha, jk about the latter.

    • I feel you, haha. I also thought I was the only one who feels sorry for teresa and actually like her character…and hates thomas for being such a jerk.

      • I think if Newt was there he’ll be able to convince Thomas about that and I think he’s a mature person so he’ll know. I was sad about both of Newt’s and Teresa’s death. I’ve never liked Brenda. She did nothing and still she also betrayed the gladers but Thomas still likes her and take her as his only hope. I really hated that. Plus no one showed any emotions to Teresa’s death. I think they’re being unreasonable. People said that everyone has a different point of view and we must respect that. And that’s what all of them did in the glade, why did they lost that. And how. But still our wisest people of the group -Alby and Newt both will be more understanding I believe. Plus for the I’m sorry and kissed him part is like Brenda wanted Teresa to suffer till the last second of her life. And Thomas still goes with it. I think Thomas became a “bad person” than he was before. And his mind and focus had changed to Brenda and him rather than helping everyone and saving the world and his loved ones.

        I loved the first book. I didn’t really like Scorch Trials, and I definitely hated Death Cure.
        Anyway, I my favourite character is Newt.
        I hope the peoples who doesn’t agree with me will try to understand and finally know what is Teresa’s point. Please she gave up everything for humanity.

  21. I did not hate her character. But I think the author did. He obviously decided he didn’t like Teresa, but had already written her in as a main character. The way he writes her out of Thomas’ trust is interesting because she’s still one of the good guys just not trusted by any of them. For me Thomas was a let down. He had tunnel vision when it came to Teresa and general right/wrong principles. Don’t get me started on the way he handled Newt being infected! I think the author had two archetypes: Teresa the best friend who is a thinker and is more mature than her love interest; Brenda the other girl who is physically attractive and literally does nothing to earn the boy’s love/trust. So yes, Teresa is the better person. She’s guided by her own moral compass and she is human. She really didn’t deserve such a throwaway death.

  22. What page does theresa die on exactly I needed to know for one of my friends but don’t have the books on me at the time

  23. Wow. You wrote this 3 years ago. So about Teresa… I totally agree it felt like a friend died. To me, Teresa was my favorite character. I hurt when Newt died as well but Teresa…. All she wanted was to win back Thomas’s trust… I was so annoyed by him throughout this last book for not accepting Teresa back and even when he wrote out goodbyes when he thought the doctors were gonna take his brain.. the goodbyes were only for Minho and Brenda, not Teresa. It was like the author wanted us to turn into Teresa haters. he spent no time on mourning her, on showing how much it hurt thomas to see her dead.. I hated this ending. Favorite character dead without anyone REALLY mourning her and the world is just gonna all parish while about 200 people live with immunity to the virus.. Would have been great if Brenda died instead and Teresa and Thomas made up.. woulda been PERFECT.


    you’re right.
    too many people hate Teresa. I don’t see why we should hate her.
    Oh god. I feel like chucking this post to all my friends who say they hate her because blah blah blah.

    shuck it.

  25. Shuck.
    Its like you just read my mind!
    I agree that teresa’s character is one to remember.
    I mean she spends half of the life she lived with thomas, close to him and SWOOSH! They get brainwashed. Teresa trusts him the moments she opens her eyes and helps him each moment.
    But what does he do? Abandons her the moment he first time she hurts him ( that to for his own good ). Piece of klunk.
    I really love the maze runner series but certainly the end seems…….. reckless, like the author wanted to get it over with.

    the worst thing is that teresa dies, chuck dies, newt dies, the world is suffering an apocalypse with zombies(kind of) running around the streets and thomas is in paradise, kissing brenda into the sunset.
    I mean they sacrificed for you to sit back and watch the sunset!?Bravo.

    They end in a practical way was quite okay. Bursting with questions, but okay.
    I think it was not presented in a good way literature wise.

  26. First of all, I would like to thank you for showing me I’m not the only one. Each time I rethink the series through ever since I finished The Kill Order I feel a kind of bitter sadness I haven’t felt in my life, not just because of Teresa’s path, but because of the way things ended up. Mike, Trina and Alec had given their lives in the hope of saving that corrupted world, the same hope WICKED was created on. Deedee’s a.k.a Teresa’s only family since she had been abandoned had died, sending her to a greater role. She dedicated her life to WICKED’s plans and projects and found another family within the members of this corporation. But in the end she died inside the building she grow to call home to save a friend who stopped trusting her. Her life had been the most crushing thing I have ever read. Your words were like closure to me. They helped me and I feel myself in most of your sentences. The only thing I don’t fell the same is about Thomas. He grow on me and through the series I felt every single emotion he had. The ending and the conclusion are as bitter as they could be: the only hope the world thought they had, WICKED, had been destroyed by the poorly choices it’s members, contaminated with the virus they were fighting against, had taken. The new hope is that all the people contaminated will kill each other and the two thousands Immunes will go on the human race. The fact that he kissed Brenda felt like nothing but closure to me. It didn’t felt like something romantic neither loving, but an act of affection towards somebody you felt close to that survived. The timing simply didn’t felt likely for romance to me at all. With or without the kiss I feel like there is no love interest needed in this book. Thomas, in my opinion, is a complex character, like many other in this series as I think like the timing isn’t one for black or white but grey, if you know what I mean. He still is one character I fell close to and I truly believe that he longs to Chuck, Newt and Teresa.
    Despite this fact, I feel like you described my feelings towards Teresa better that I could ever do. So thank you for both writing this post and wasting your time reading this. I hope it makes sanse and I am truly sorry for the fact that my grammar sucks.

  27. thanks,really thank I really love teresa and if u read the kill order you must know that teresa was deedee and dedicate all her life to find the cure. I always cry for her and i hate people who hate her,in my opinion Brenda never could be like teresa

  28. You are an amazing person for being able to understand my feelings completely.
    Every single sentence is me.
    Thank you. Because now I know I am not the only one.

  29. I completely agree with everything you have said my friend, I am also as sad as you about Teresa, I feel as though she is an actual person that has suffered so much, she is Deedee. I feel so bad for her and so sad about her death, she was Thomas’s best friend from the age of seven and yet Teresa dies and Thomas starts with Brenda, who he has known for so little time. If he had hus memories back maybe he would have been more rational but still Teresa only betrayed him because she thought he would get killed by WICKED. I really wish that it didn’t end like that with Teresa dying, she was such a big part of the story and one of the main reasons I read the Trilogy. She was intriguing to me. Now whenever I think about Maze Runner I end up in a deluge of sorrow about Teresa dying. I feel so sad and upset about this. Why did she have to die in such a curt and terrible way. I felt like she was my friend the whole time. I’m really sad about her death. Peace.

  30. Here’s the funny thing, everything that you’ve just said, was exactly what I was thinking in my mind. 100% the same thing.

    All Teresa ever did was an act of love for Thomas. What really pains me the most is that after all she did for Thomas, he still hated her. Maybe her death wouldn’t have been so painful as it is, if Thomas hadn’t hated her, but that really angers me.

    Thomas really should have gotten the Swipe removed. It was so frustrating reading and seeing how Thomas is so mad at Teresa. Teresa really did put all her faith and hope in WICKED, what’s wrong with that? She grew up there with Thomas so that’s normal, but it made sense that eventually, she felt nothing but hatred for WICKED after realizing how their methods were way too extreme.

    As for Thomas and Brenda? I’m really not too happy about that. I can accept the fact that they’re together, but the fact that neither of them really cared about Teresa or her death? That really disgusts me. I get it. Thomas and Brenda had a lot of time to get to know each other in The Scorch, but STILL. It’s not Teresa’s fault that WICKED had her betray Thomas. Maybe she did go a bit extreme when she was literally beating Thomas every second, but still, it doesn’t hurt being extra careful knowing that WICKED is watching and you’re trying to convince them that you really are trying to betray Thomas for the sake of the Killzone Patterns.

    I would prefer that Brenda had died saving Thomas instead of Teresa. That would’ve been a much more pleasing ending for me. Remember what Teresa said to Thomas earlier? “Saving you was worth losing what we might’ve had” that really hit me hard in the gut. How can you hate someone who says that? She had good motives, maybe her logic was flawed, but you get the point.

    What do you guys think about this?

    • I realy agree with you! As in any book of this kind (trilogy) I think you always like the characters you get to know from the very start best…they are like the original ones or something. Brenda always seemed very shady to me, expecially after knowing she was working with WICKED. Having Thomas trusting her more than Teresa, who he (and us readers) know so well just seemed stupid to me.
      I felt even worse after reading the prequel – The Kill Order – because you can realy have an idea of how difficult Teresa’s whole life was, it makes you hope she could have had a different ending. I would like to hear Dashner’s perspective on Teresa as a character though. I get the feeling that she is one of his favorite as he made her so brave and strong willed. Maybe killing her in the end was a way of making her even nobler, as a person who was ready to die for her friends and what she stood up for.

  31. I never hated teresa she was my 2nd favorite person in the book after thomas i wish she did not die it would be amazing if they ended up together! NOT THAT STICKING BRENDA.

  32. Personally, I don’t hate her, but she is not a saint and she makes many mistakes. I never like it when a character is sanctified. Teresa was a victim (of WICKED as person and of Dashner as character), not a hero.

    She symbolized the worst part of WICKED: do horrible things (violent betray to Thomas / the Labyrinth and the experiments in general) is good if the end is noble (to save Thomas / to save the mankind). When Thomas suspected of her and rejected her, he is rejecting his own past. Shortly courageous, but reasonable.

    I will not argue more, because no sense.

  33. Couldn’t agree with you more. I love Teresa.

    She sacrificed her friendship with Thomas in the Scorch because WICKED threatened Thomas’ life if she didn’t follow their orders. She knew that their friendship, or even something more, was on the line but she still risked it to save Thomas. I get that her betrayal hurts, but what I don’t get is why Thomas couldn’t forgive her after knowing what she did to save him.

    She risked her life twice for Thomas on the third book and it really hurts that her second attempt finally took her life. She gave up her freedom, her own life, just to save her bestfriend.

    And Teresa loved Thomas. She loved him more than anyone else. And I think that anyone could tell. But what pains me the most, is that she was killed in the last few pages of the book and that we never got to see Thomas really grieve for her. After everything she has done for him, she deserves atleast that.

    She is the most underappreciated character in the book and she deserves more than that. And to the fans that hate her, I honestly don’t get that shuck brain of yours.

  34. As my other message is not published, JoeD, I rephrase my statement. For Teresa was complicate betray her best friend, sure, but she was convinced he was doing the right thing and surely thought Thomas would forgive her soon. After the last final revelation (all this was a plan of WICKED, really, yes) and an obvious question (“Did you feel betrayed?”), Teresa kissed Thomas (after making a joke about how bad kisser is Aris ). Thomas felt nothing and she began to realize that something was wrong. What did she expect? The joke, kiss and her disgruntled prove that she did not expect such a pronounced break.

    Then she wants to be with him and be friendly when it is clear that his presence makes him uncomfortable. While it is true that she apologizes, per apology adds “it was necessary”, “I would do again”… and in one point says “you should forget this, as I do”. It is obvious that she is “forcing” a return to the status quo prior to the event.

    In the next book, she starts saying “all worth it” and she gets angry when Thomas not follow the WICKED’s instructions and shows that he not trust her (“I can only apologize a number of times”). She thinks she did the right thing and does not deserve any blame or suspicion.

    Thomas did not trust her (logical) and Dashner decided he was not going to give them the opportunity to talk and solve their problems by talking. Why? Because he can.

    Finally, when she realizes that WICKED is not so good and that distrust of Thomas was justified, she tries to regain his confidence in the fast lane: saving his life. And die trying.

    • i really like teresa and i dislike brenda i wish brenda died insted of teresa. i wish they trusted teresa. i was sooooo sad when she died. i wish she lived till the end.

  35. Answer to JoeD — January 18, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    Yes, she said it. And her words are wise. But her actions go in another direction. “Nothing happens, nothing happened”.

    After the gas chamber and the final revelation (all was WICKED’s plan) and the obvious question (“Did you feel betrayed?”), she kissed him (after making an inappropiate joke about how Aris is a bad kisser). Thomas felt nothing and Teresa realizes that something was wrong. What did she expect?

    After, she tries to stay and be nice with him , when it is clear that her presence makes him uncomfortable. Before the end, she said “you must forget, as I do”. It seems that she wants to “force” a return to the status quo prior to the event.

    At the beginning of the third book, the first thing she says to look at it is that everything “was worth it” and still wants to be with him. She clearly expected that he “understood” fast and the distrust of Thomas angers her (in the third book she says she can only apologize a number of times). She thought she was doing the right thing (WICKED is good, remember) and that she did not deserve any reproach or distrust.

    About Thomas, his behavior are understandable. A combination of pain (physical and mental), disappointment (she was his best friend but didn’t avoid any pain for him), proud (if he forgives her, she understood it as a justification and he is not agree with her in her point of view), doubt (she lied before or lying now?) and fear (If the bad guys cheated her and used her so easily, how can I know if they did not deceive her again?).

    And yes, perhaps the writer could have shown the conflict and the resolution better.

  36. I totally agree with everything you have said here. With everything that Teresa goes through, imagine how she felt knowing what she was putting Thomas, her best friend, through, knowing she was going to have to sever ties with the person shed been closest too since a very young age too ensure his saftey, such a huge sacrifice on her part!

    And then to never even be forgiven even after everything was explained to Thomas.

    For her to die 20 feet from freedom is the most depressing thing I’ve ever read in my life. After reading how clearly Thomas had feelings for her, couldn’t get her out of his mind for almost 900 pages, 3 books and then to not even really seem to care that she had killed herself to save him. Incredibly depressing! 😥 I only hope Dasher writes a prequel to The Death Cure and we find out she’s survived.

    • “” (…) knowing she was going to have to sever ties with the person shed been closest too since a very young age too ensure his safety, such a huge sacrifice on her part! “”

      I’m not 100% sure about the sacrifice that you say. Yes, probably was hard for her be the torturer of Thomas, but she hoped to be forgiven immediately and that all continue as it was before because she had done the right thing. And things are never that easy.

      Thomas had good reasons for feel hurt and disappointed and not trust her.

      • I don’t know that she did expect forgiveness so quickly. Does she not say to Thomas that she knows things can never be the same, but she hopes he can eventually trust her? She does everything she can to explain to Thomas why she did those things to him and says sorry more than once but I don’t think she ever expected him to forgive her so quickly. At least that’s how it came across to me.

        What I can’t understand is how Dashner clearly shows us how close her and Thomas from the very early stages of book 1 and from then until the end of book 3, good or bad she is constantly on Thomas’s mind, it is suggested in almost every chapter of all 3 books that he is thinking about her. Dashner enforces this and implants her in the readers mind as much as Thomas’s! She is clearly the main heroine. I will say it again, that to have her die 6/7 pages from the end, from freedom, and for Thomas to barley greive, barley give her a thought, particularly after grieving over chuck for the last 2 books is depressing! Insane infact!

      • YES! Thank you! Totally agree! Thomas’ indiference towards her death and him hating her makes no sence in regards to the previous books! Teresa is a strong and complicated character which is why she is so interesting!

  37. Is understandable betray your love interest if you believe that this saved his life? Okay. Her methods of betrayal were too, too excessive, but okay.

    Is understandable distrust of your love interest after being kidnapped, beaten, dragged through the desert, tied to a tree, insulted, again kidnapped, again beaten, again insulted, cheated and enclosed in an alleged lethal gas chamber? Of course. Who would not?

    She really believed that betray him was a good deed (hard but good). Why? Because she believed in WICKED. Thomas did not believe in WICKED, he distrusted everything they say and he felt that in the same situation, he would not obey blindly (certainly, her betrayal could be less aggressive and painful).

    Irreconcilable ideological differences. Many couples have suffered by this.
    Did they could have fixed their problems? Yes. Speaking. But no one try to give the first pass.

    She was not expecting forgiveness. She waited for a confirmation that he has accepted as “necessary and correct” all she had done and a “well, nothing happened, nothing happens, we’ll go back to our status quo”.

    And he did not want to accept it. Because he felt hurt and disappointed with Teresa. Because he was angry (rightfully) after the double beating. Because he felt that if he took the first step toward a real reconciliation, Teresa could feel that this was a confirmation of her point of view. And finally, because he really distrust her. Think you: Thomas is a young boy who live in a world where all is a WICKED’s lie and have dependable friends is a treasure. Teresa was one of them and she betray him two times at the same time without apparent effort and no spare him any suffering. She is lying again now? How could he know in the future if she is “betraying him for his own good” again?

    Teresa needed to realize that WICKED is not the solution and Thomas needed time for manage his feelings. When finally they were prepared, she died. Sad.

    • I just thing Dashner didn’t do a very good job in developing the aftermath of the whole situation. First Thomas was obcessed about Teresa for all the time he was at the scrorch, he couldnt even stand having Brenda calling him the same way Teresa did, but the next moment he just hates her guts? I just think it would have been more coheerent if he was shown trying to see Teresa’s point of view. In my opinion, Teresa did what she did to protect Thomas in spite of her feelings for WICKED, which is something everyone can relate to. After all they had been through in the maze, wouldn’t you also be scared to contradict WICKED, if they had told you they would kill someone you care about unless you did something? I think she was brave and a far most interesting character than Brenda so it would have been more fun to see her and Thomas trying to work through their diferent ideals instead of just rushing her off action for most of book 3!

      • Yes, Dashner could do better. Of course. But this is what we get and nobody can do anything, only assess and give opinion. An explanation: Thomas has strong feelings about Teresa and, when Brenda appeared and began to disturb his emotions, he held onto to them for resist but then she betrayed him and his destroyed heart said “my God, ¡next!”. I preferr not assess who is most interesting (we do not know them enough to compare).

        About the betrayal, betray your lover if you think that with this betrayal you’re saving his/her life is understandable. But also is understandable don’t forgive her fast and suspect her. Teresa was too rude and violent and obey the WICKED’s orders too well to be believed after. Probably with her point of view we could distinguish where ended Teresa and where began WICKED, but for Thomas was no difference between both. And she did not know how to manage the consequences. He needed time to forgive and overcome their pain and distrust and Teresa wanted return to their previous relationship without grudges too fast.

        And about the “contradict WICKED or not contradict WICKED”, an example: When Thomas had to choose between Brenda or Jorge (they were “cranks”, they “shouldn’t be here” and “only can survive one”), he fought to save both. When the Group B should decide between follow a suspicious orders (the Mission Kill Thomas had a lot of dark spots) or liberate her prisoner and wait, they decided the second option. When Minho should decide who of his eight friends will be not lobotomized, he said “all” and didn’t change despite the knocking.

        Of course, Thomas, Group B and Minho received lies or semi-half-truths. Brenda and Jorge weren’t unexpected cranks, Thomas wouldn’t die and WICKED only wanted lobotomize one of eight, not seven of eight. But they don’t trust WICKED and ever elect the most human option. Teresa believed in WICKED and obey their orders 100%, without questions or sparks of humanity (even Aris had a moment of weakness and tried to indicate to Thomas that all this torture “could be only a test”). This was her tragedy.

  38. I’m so happy I saw this post. I was devastated by her death and really couldn’t understand why Thomas wouldn’t forgive her. That made me kind of dislike him a bit, something that I never got over.

    • After reading The Kill Order I felt your case was made even clearer. You see some of the horrible suffering that little Teresa saw at a very young age which would justify all of her actions in the Scorch Trials to help find a cure for the Flare. Despite not remembering those experiences, that is why she focused on WICKED as good on her arm and before that swipe. Something within told her that a cure was the most important thing. With that fact noted, once she remembers those experiences combined with her lab rat recent experiences in the Maze & the Trials via WICKED then she rebels. She’s able to see the whole picture of good and evil. Thomas doesn’t seem to want to remember his past or his role in WICKED. Or that his parents went crazy. This is his fatal flaw. He runs from his past by not wanting to remember it. I could see him not wanting WICKED to touch his brain but he could have asked the doctor who rebelled from WICKED to install his old memories. That man he could have trusted yet he still ran from his past. Thomas doesn’t want to have empathy for Teresa because it reflects poorly on his pride. Nor is he fair to her if he’s not willing to remember that they both supported the mission of WICKED. And as many of you pointed out she warns him that they will be together again soon but that it’ll be horrible first and that he must trust her. The worst part about Thomas is that he doesn’t appreciate her sacrifice for him. He just kisses Brenda and start making babies.

      One thing that wasn’t clear in the book – when Teresa escapes how does she not find Thomas first? She ties up every guard with her minions but can’t seem to locate Thomas?

    • Teresa had two lovers: Thomas and WICKED.

      WICKED presented her a situation where she “helps” both of them. If she tortures Thomas (bad thing), she helps in the creation of the Cure (good thing) and saves Thomas (good thing). Two against one: emotions to a jail and ¡come on!. Very convenient situation, a situation designed especially for her.

      She should suspect but no did. She follow the orders like a robot and doesn’t spare any pain to Thomas. She could prevent 50% of knocks and her kiss with Aris was excessive. Was not it enough only two knocks, the strong language, the second kidnapping and the fact of put him into a gas chamber for create a “sense of betrayal”? Really, Teresa?

      She was too effective and, after, she tried to act as if nothing had happened and always claiming that she “did the right thing”. Bad decision and mismanagement. WICKED was a bad influence for her and, in the end, she lost everything and then died. A very tragic character, but not an heroine.

  39. Look,I respect your defense of Teresa but I think your opinion on Thomas is wrong. The moment he met Brenda it was over,Teresa had no chance…Yes he had this connection with Teresa,because she was the only thing linking him to his past,the moment he refused to get his memory back is when he decided he was going to forget the past and that includes his relationship with Teresa and Aris before the Maze. WICKED was an organization hell bent on finding a cure for themselves,because most of their leaders weren’t immune,and Teresa following them,misguided or not,makes her an unlikeable character…I was rooting for her and Thomas but,the moment they had that kiss in the mountains and Thomas said he felt nothing,I knew that they were never meant to be. Whether she broke his trust or not she thought her kissing him would bring all his previous feelings back but it did nothing,in her presence all he could think about now was Brenda,he wanted to hold her hand again,he missed her. He cared enough for Teresa that he wanted to save her life but that was it,even if she lived I think he would’ve chose Brenda. In the end he had to choose between who he was before the maze(Theresa and Aris) and who he was after he stepped out that box(Chuck,Minho,Newt,Brenda,Jorge) and I think he chose correctly…if you guys want to talk sacrifices then I can tell you that no one made more than Thomas,from day 1 he’s been putting his life on the line…saving Minho and Alby,being stung by the Grievers so he could solve the code,offered to sacrifice himself so the Gladers could make it pass the Cliff,losing Chuck,having to kill one of his best friends Newt,Trusting Teresa after she beat him and dragged him up a mountain,then trusting her again after she and Aris almost killed him,with the demise of Wicked,all his memories went with it…his mother,father,his life growing up,his relationship with Teresa and Aris. He sacrificed all of that for the greater good! And in the end he got his happy ending which I think he deserves! Lol oh yeah and I think Thomas,Minho and Newt were a bad-ass trio…if we really talking about relationships then those 3 guys were pretty much inseperable…by the third book I realised that the survival of the Munies depended on those 3,the only time Minho showed any real emotion was when they had to leave Newt behind…they are my 3 favorite characters in this trilogy

  40. Brenda is another issue. She lied Thomas about her origin and was a henchwoman of Chancellor Paige from the beginning. Was she an cold henchwoman that simply abide orders, including seduce Thomas or she really falled in love with Thomas and this made her fulfill orders more eager? We only have her words and moment when she tried to confess “something” to Thomas (possibily the plan B of Paige and her role) but he refused to listen (poor, he remembers only two women in his life and both are wickans that deceive him, normal that he prefer don’t know more).

  41. The girls of Group B received, like her, a mission and a threat (capture and kill Thomas or no refuge). But they think and the situation has no sense: the only reason for capture and kill the leader of the other group is show our force, but the other group only has 11 members (they are 23), have rudimentary and poor arms (they have spears, machetes and bows) and the boy that they captured is not the really leader. There is something hidden here. Decision? Suspend execution until further notice.

    But Teresa never questions the order and this is the difference with Thomas and the others. She is a disciplined soldier, a squared mind. She failed her test and, indirectly, condemns the boy who she desperately tries to save to death by vivisection. Does she have been justified this tragic irony if WICKED found the cure in Thomas’ brain? We never know it.

  42. I’m very agree with Christina. Somethings can’t be forgiven immediately. She hits him five or six times in the head with a stick, she dragged him through a rocky way, led him to two traps using his belief in her (the Group B and, when the girls decided not kill Thomas, she and Aris), she kissed Aris in front of he and finally “killed him”. Moreover, her psychology was not the most appropriate to manage the consequences of her actions.

    She tries to reconcile with him after an attempt to “nothing happened here” that failed by normal reasons, but she always has in his mouth “I did what I had to do”, “I would do it again” and “WICKED is good”. The apologizes are an annoying process, because she thinks that her actions are justified (for Thomas and for WICKED) and must be forgiven.

    Of course, I think that all the betrayal was not a test for Thomas or the B-girls: was a test for Teresa. She received a mission and a threat (Thomas will die if you not accomplish the mission) and she had four options: rebel against the mission, pretend abide the order and after no, obey the order but making minimum damage to Thomas or obey the order to 100%.

    She doesn’t think in her options, she only thinks in the parameters that WICKED write. With the adequate reason, she becomes an executing machine. That is the reason that becomes she in someone untrustworthy: you can not know if she is on your side (“WICKED is good”) and, even if she is on your side, she is easily manipulated and you’ll never know when she is betraying you because she is a very good actress.

  43. I never did this before, so sorry for all the things I might do wrong. You have got a interesting point of view and I agree up to some point. While reading the first book and at the beginning of the second book I always hoped Thomas and Teresa might end up together, but that changed.
    Some things just can’t be forgiven. Okay, that’s not true in the first place, but it takes a long time to get over something, especially when your so-called best friend betrays you. When you get hurt, like Thomas got hurt and that not only physically but emotionally, it can take years to be ready to forgive someone you loved such a torture. I don’t hate Teresa. I never did, in fact I liked here, so I also think she didn’t deserve the way she ended up, but don’t judge Thomas for not forgiving her immediately no matter the circumstances. Yes, she had her reasons, yes, she tried to make it up to him and yes, she died for him. If I were hurt like this I wouldn’t be able to trust the person who hurt me at full impact again so shortly after having been hurt. It takes several years to close such wounds. To close them in a way they don’t hurt anymore and you can say: I have forgiven you. and meaning it in earnest. Of course you can forgive someone after three days, but that doesn’t mean anything at this point because you haven’t had time to make peace with it. In the end I think he’s not ready to deal with the full extent of his feelings related to Teresa. And do you think Teresa would want him to mourn over her for months or would she want him to be happy again?
    I loved Chuck, Newt, Minho and Thomas. I respect all your different opinions and I know that everybody sees the books in a slightly different way, but let me say just one more thing and please consider this point. Nobody knows what he or she would do when it comes to this situation, because nobody has been there, so don’t judge Thomas or Teresa or anyone else.

  44. I have never, ever signed up for a place to comment before so this is a first because this post was fab!! I read the maze runner trilogy three years ago and it is my favourite book series ever (i read a lot of books). I have recently revisited the books due to the movie releasing and therefore have also revisited the fun, terror, pain, tragedy, hope and tears of both joy and sadness that comes with these amazing books. I could not agree with this post more. I loved Teresa like a real person and i did thomas as well… up until the end of the scorch trials. I understand that what haooened to him was traumatic but really, it was more his pride that was hurt anyway. I mean seriously… get over yourself. Teresa did it to save him. So i kind of never forgave thomas myself when he didnt forgive teresa. He was my least favourite character after that. However, i still loved the book and the ideas of the book and was hoping so bad that teresa and thomas would make up (even though Brenda, the jealous, WICKED-worker, betrayer, “other girl” is in the picture). And she died, SAVING THOMAS. AND HE GOES AND KISSES BRENDA AND IS ALL HAPPY AND FINE SITTING IN THE GRASS!! No.
    While saying this though, i am not at all criticising James Dashner. It was a fabulous book with real-type people who dont have competely fictional personalities. Everyone has their flaws. I just hinestly dont kniw why people dont like Teresa and like Brenda. Teresa looks out for thomas, brenda looks out for herself and what people think of her. It seems a pretty obvious choice to me…

  45. I just read the books! I loved Teresa’s character, def the best and bravest one and I was very disappointed on Dashner for having rushed her whole story out of book 3. Teresa deserved being better explored expecially after book 2. Brenda I cant even talk about…she seemed so minor to the story. Thomas was always thinking and mentionning Teresa how did he just grow soo much hate out of the blue? Teresa explainned she only did what she did so she could save Thomas. I dont know it just seemed that Thomas and many of the Gladers were too harsh blaiming her for everything bad, forgetting that Thomas had also been part of it. She deserved a more interesting end and a chance for her and Thomas to solve things. Not a very good option of Dashner to take Teresa out of the main plot and putting Brenda on.

  46. Hello, blogger. Your article is interesting and well written. I have a point of view of the situation.
    Thomas is cheated by all the world (except a few characters), because he lives in a WICKED-land. The Holy Trinity of this goodevil organization is: Lies, Manipulation and Total Control. One step, one lie, one step, one lie and so all the way. The heart matters weren’t differents: Teresa and Brenda cheated him. What’s the difference? None of both are better than the other.

    Brenda leads Thomas to freedom (or “freedom” controlled by the “good part” of WICKED, chancellor Paige after she discovered that the cure is impossible and all the plan was a bloody nonsense) with lies. If she loves him sincerely, I don’t know with security but I can think yes. Teresa leads him to a little hell. She is the essence of “The bad part of WICKED”: people doing horrible things in the name of a higher cause.

    WICKED gave Teresa an orden: she must kidnap Thomas and be his torturer… and if she says no, WICKED kill him. Choose the Higher Cause or choose your lover’s physical and mental safety is a very difficult election, but the menace simplifies the situation. So, she did not choose between “WICKED” or “Thomas,” she chooses between “Thomas live” or “Thomas dead”. The menace had no sense (why kill somebody who is necessary for you? Especially when you can manipulate him and generate this emotion by other ways), but is the float that Teresa take for accomplish the mission. She was a loyal WICKED’s dog and WICKED helped her to choose.

    Moreover, she didn’t know manage the consequences of her bad decision. She apologized, but only slightly, and never missed an opportunity to claim “I did what I had to do”. Well, if you want to be forgiven, you shouldn’t take the Way “let’s pretend that nothing has happened”, “I did what I had I do”, “I would do it again”, “WICKED is good”, etc. Bad strategy, especially because Thomas doesn’t trust in WICKED and because the torture was too too real. Even her warnings and “trust me” helped make it more real:
    * “Trust me” – I hit and kidnap you.
    * “Trust me” – I’m dragging you along the ground. I hit you again. “You will die soon”.
    * “Come with me” – “¡You go to gas chamber and I’m fucking another guy!”

    Cuando ella se da cuenta de que WICKED no es tan bueno, ella intenta recuperar la confianza de Thomas a la desesperada y muere. A tragedy. but she was a few guilty (the great guilty was WICKED, of course). Thomas was not free of WICKED’s control with either, but at least Brenda aim at him to a less bad way.

    • Well, i understand what you’re trying to say, but what really annoys me is that Thomas ALWAYS needs someone to sacrifice themselves for him. Like seriously? He just stands there when a piece of the maze is about to fall on him. I mean, can’t he move? And then Teresa has to sacrifice her life for him because she wants him to forgive her. But the thing that really enraged me was afterwards, Thomas and Brenda end up in Paradise and everything is all happy again and its like Teresa’s death wasn’t important at all. Also, its not like Brenda wasn’t helping WICKED. Back in the Scorch, she was pretending to be a Crank (I think. I forgot, sorry.) Even later, she admitted it to Thomas, and he was okay with that but not okay with Teresa, who, like the original blogger said before, spent her childhood with him and was with him all along.I still can’t get over the feels of Teresa’s death because of her last words. It showed that she really DID care for him. I cried and cried. (Sorry if im doing this thing incorrectly, its my first time)

      • I read a very good opinion about this. The name of the author is LUZA.


        To those who hated the end: why you should think twice? To those who liked it: another argument in favor.

        Let me just remind you of the point of the Trials conducted by the larger part of WICKED: to choose the final candidate, whose brain would be picked apart.

        Janson/Rat Man himself and the head scientist say so to Thomas in The Death Cure.

        The candidates were narrowed down to Thomas and Teresa. So, what ultimately made them discard Teresa?
        Her inability to think beyond what was shoved at her.

        Many keep saying what she so adamantly argued: that she gave her all in making Thomas feel betrayed because WICKED told her he would die otherwise.

        Here is where Thomas, Brenda, Minho and Newt differ from Teresa.

        There is always a choice.

        Yes, the human race was well in its path to extinction and WICKED concentrated all surviving-governments’ resources. But, this structural view of how the world works (and how power is distributed) can never fully explain the behaviour of the weak (what is Thomas or any other person against a multi-national organization after all).
        In other words, paradigms, eras, political systems, science & technology, hegemonic ideologies and so on, change (for better or worse) thanks to those humans who innovate.

        That’s what Thomas refers to when he says Teresa is in love with WICKED. She can’t see beyond the structural matters and judge how individuals inside the organization operate. She can’t develop her own solutions… it’s always about what options WICKED offers. Even when she stands next to Thomas against WICKED in the end, it’s not because she recapacitated (like he did) and recognized that the torture WICKED inflicted upon its candidates was unacceptable from the start. She merely says she can’t take another round of trials, as if the first one could be justified if the cure was found.

        THIS in my opinion is the fundamental reason why Thomas could have never ended with Teresa as a couple.

        Having said this, no, I didn’t wish her dead. They could have ended as friends. I don’t think Dashner killed her to rid Thomas of a dilemma (choosing between Brenda and Teresa). That question had already been answered. But, for those who aren’t convinced since they would argue that Brenda was similar to Teresa in that she manipulated Thomas… let me just say this: my point stands. Yes, Aris was right to a certain degree in The Scorch Trials, since part of WICKED (Chancellor Paige aided by Brenda and Jorge) saw the existence of a mixed group of Gladers (considering the Immunes only) as necessary for breeding.

        But, that’s the whole extension of Brenda’s manipulation of Thomas. She could not control every variable. That is, she couldn’t have known Teresa would die and she wouldn’t be able to stop Thomas from loving someone else (supposing he fell for another girl among the ones who got to Paradise). Neither could she determine for sure how the remaining Munnies would carry on with the breeding (mates for life? free love? polyamory? the alpha male plus his harem… haha).

        I mean, do you see how unfair is to blame Brenda for being manipulative? Yes, from the start (following Chancellor Paige orders) she practically led Thomas and the rest to a breeding camp (but with no rules at all). That’s it.

        Teresa, on the other hand, was prepared to justify torture of all the candidates (including the one she loved) for the mere possibility of finding a cure. She should have thought harder. As Chancellor Paige puts it in the epilogue… there was more than one way to save the Human race. Teresa’s argument that “WICKED is good” isn’t enough to justify her betrayal and blind acceptance of what was asked in the first trials, because there were always other means to the end pursued by WICKED.

        And this long-like-the-Bible rant is done.

        WICKED gave her two options: you torture Thomas or Thomas dies. But the threat was empty and she had to have foreseen. She didn’t do it, she accept blindly the WICKED’s options and didn’t seek a third option (not even spared suffering to Thomas for “not take risks”). Ironically, her decision condemned Thomas to cerebral vivisection.

        Moreover, she show her capable to do the most horrible things if WICKED touched the adequate button (obey or your friend dies… obey or mankind dies) without excessive guilt (“I’m sorry but I did what I had to do”) and that she was a extremely good actress (infallible Stanislavski method). How could you trust her?

        She embodies the worst of WICKED and the only way to redeem herself was to show that she also can sacrifice for him. I’m not talk about Brenda, that gives for another article.

  47. You make some great point in here, but I have to say I never liked Teresa, even before The Scorch Trials back in book 1. Something about her always just irked me. You make the point that Thomas and Teresa met and knew each other before they get the the Glade, which is true, but we don’t get to see any of that. We meet her through the point of view of Thomas who doesn’t remember anything about her and I had a hard time trusting her. Personally in The Scorch Trials when Teresa turns against him I figured the entire time that it was an act and I was surprised at how easily Thomas fell for it, especially after her warnings to him. And it surprised me even more when Thomas didn’t forgive her at the end, showed how much he really cared for her huh? But then in The Death Cure when Minho, Newt, Thomas, Brenda, and Jorge are escaping they find that Teresa and the others just left them?? The berg is gone and Jorge knows it was Teresa and the others who attacked him and she tries to claim that it was the other way around? I don’t know that whole ordeal confused me. Thomas is basically just completely done with Teresa after she betrays him in TST, saying that everything she said/did annoyed him and he left her hanging a lot, hurting her feelings, which made me dislike her more. But in the end when she sacrifices herself for Thomas, I’ll admit I was a little sad and shocked, and I have some respect for her. I didn’t cry or anything (not like with Newts death, oh my that killed me, he was my favorite) but I was a little disappointed, I guess I didn’t hate her as much as I originally thought haha.

  48. I can relate to this 100% It seems just an excuse for the author to have gotten rid of her in the story as there was no need for her to die

    • No wait i disagree about the fact that you started to dislike Teresa after Thomas started treating her like he did personally i thought Thomas must just get over it and forget it he was being immature

  49. I feel like I piece things together and enjoy and anticipate them more if I read spoilers. That being said, I feel like the Maze Runner series may go off in a direction that I’m not going to dig. I like strong resolutions and loved Teresa in the first book, so I may actually pass on reading the rest of the series.

  50. If I recall correctly she, in fact, warned Thomas before doing anything, I know is still betrayal but it irks me that he consider her someone close to him and yet he did not bother to try and put some sense to what was happening.

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