REVIEW: City of Ashes (novel) by Cassandra Clare

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2)City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not sure what to say about this book. Not that it isn’t good, it’s really good.

The way Cassandra Clare writes is great in a way, but also a little predictable in her writing style at least. I won’t say how because that tends to be focused upon when you read it, and there’s a really good story to be told without that distraction if I can help it. Sorry if I’m being obtuse about it.

There are some great character developments which really carry the story along, and I wasn’t not interested in anyone’s part, which I found fantastic. Sometimes when you read a story told from different points of view, you might find that you’re more interested in only one’s POV than the others and so you rush over the others just to get to the one that interests you. But this wasn’t that way to me. Fantastic!

There’s this one battle near the end that’s just crazy, and exciting and I long to be able to writing an action sequence like that. For me, it wasn’t as dark as, say, the action/battle sequences in the Hunger Games’ trilogy, but I’m thankful for that. Because sometimes too many ‘feels’ does a heart much harm. And I’d like to stay alive to read the rest of this series.

I’m starting to like Jace more in this more, especially as his backstory is starting to come along really well, even if it’s a little dark and sad, (view spoiler)[although I was not very comfortable with him (and also Clary in the epilogue) suggesting that he and Clary still be together in a more intimate relationship even knowing they’re brother and sister. All kinds of “eww” comes from that for me. (hide spoiler)]

And I must admit I did get teary-eyed (view spoiler)[in the end there when Maryse has her heart-to-heart conversation with Jace. I totally felt for Jace as he expressed through his actions, through his harshness and cynicism how much he hurt her. I mean, who would want to stay where you’re not wanted, or at least where you think you’re not wanted, especially when it’s the parental figures? Even now, I don’t feel bad for Maryse and how Jace spoke to her. I understand that she is the only mother Jace has ever known, and knowing that makes me angrier at her for treating him so harshly in the beginning, even if she thought she was doing the right thing. (But c’mon, kicking out the boy you say you consider your son in such a way as to make him think you hate him?!) Sheesh, it’s a wonder he trusts anyone anymore. (hide spoiler)]

Anyway, this is a nice sequel and has some really cool developments for the third book. I don’t think there’s as many laugh-out-loud parts as there were in the first book, as it is a little darker than the first one and I’m sure it will get even more so in the following books. Still, the dialogue between certain characters is some of the best I’ve read. Jace’s sarcasm just drips all over the place, but it makes for a very enjoyable read, and of course, makes you just want to love him more (I’m just not sure I can handle that much sarcasm and arrogance in an actual real-life person).

All the other characters from the first book, and I do mean ALL, are wonderfully depicted again in this book, and even the new characters mesh well, even the ones you dislike. There should always be a reason for such characters, because if there wasn’t, what’s the point of the story. There must be conflict! That’s what makes for good quality stories. And this has them in loads. I’m sure more will follow as I continue with the next book.

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