Random Fandom Movie News: JUSTICE LEAGUE to be Released in 2015

Warner Bros. can now pursue its chance of battling Marvel’s The Avengers franchise with their own group of superheroes-in-one-movie with Justice League.   Of course, it’s really not about which is better, DC or Marvel, as that will continue to be a debate among the über fans of both, because for the most part, Warner Bros just wants to rake in as much cash as Marvel, and here’s their chance (because, y’know, that little-seen Harry Potter franchise didn’t do anything for them.)

Here’s what is known so far:

Warner Bros. is looking to release their long awaited Justice League movie during the summer of 2015. The studio just won a big legal battle over the rights for Superman, and now that it’s basically over they are looking to start shooting it next year! All they need now is a director and cast to bring it to life. The screenplay was written by Will Beall, and there are no details on the story, but it will bring Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash together on the big screen for the first time.

With a 2015 summer release (maybe one of the two holiday weekends), I imagine they won’t have to look into casting until early 2014, but it also could be late 2013, depending, of course, on length of filming and such.

Hopefully the studio is able to land a great director and solid cast for the project. The most recent rumor suggests that they want Armie Hammer to take on the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, but as of right now nothing is set in stone. I imagine we’ll start seeing a lot of news coming from the Warner Bros. studio lot now that they are moving full steam ahead on the superhero film project.

The art above was created by Bob Strang.

Of course, Batman and Superman are the only superheroes that have had success on the big screen – not so much with Green Lantern or The Flash, and Wonder Woman has been dogged for years.  I believe this will help pretty much all of them further down the line, if they can find the right people both behind and in front of the camera.

What do you think?  Share your concerns or excitement below.

(Source: GeekTyrant)

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