Felicia Day returns to Supernatural with LARPing in mind

Felicia Day will be reprising her role as Charlie Bradbury in the 11th episode of Supernatural this season, titled “LARP and The Real Girl.”  The geek world salutes this!

Executive producer Jeremy Carver says, “We will be doing an episode that deals pretty heavily with the LARPing universe, different in a way that we’ve dealt with in the past.”

Her first appearance on the show was fine, and she was certainly one female that probably didn’t get sneered at right away by female fans of the show, however, the episode itself wasn’t one of my favorites.  I’m hoping for better this time around.

As for the title, it’s an allusion to the indie film Lars and the Real Girl, starring Ryan Gosling, in which his character develops a relationship with a sex doll he buys on the internet.  What this means for the show, I’m not quite sure yet.

(Source: Blastr)

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