‘Supernatural’ Sees the Return of DJ Qualls *spoilers*

Tonight’s a new episode and here are some spoilers, plus a gallery!  Things are tense now that Benny has been introduced to Sam:

Add that to the fact that the case Dean and Sam work on the next all-new episode, “Southern Comfort,” is one that sees the return of Garth (DJ Qualls) — who seems to be channeling their dearly departed Bobby — and prepare for a whole lot of heart-to-hearts sure to make you and the Winchesters well up.

Because the best parts are still when they cry, right?

While hunting down an “avenging ghost” responsible for a bunch of murders, Sam and Dean, for the first time this season, really have to start dealing with the different courses their lives took last year and where that leaves them now. Sam shares more about his life with Amelia (Liane Balaban), and Dean is going to have to come clean about his reasons for buddying up with Benny. There will be some angry words said, and perhaps even a punch or two pulled. But at the end of the day, they have to see if they’re really still together only out of obligation or if their egos are just temporarily bruised — each one not getting exactly what he wants from the other.

The addition of Garth on “Southern Comfort,” though, will remind Sam and Dean that it’s not all about them. There are other hunters out there, not only affected by these cases but also by the ones they lost along the way– namely Bobby (Jim Beaver). Garth channels Bobby, not out of some kind of weird possession but rather the desire to hold onto his role model and father figure. Bobby was there for so many more people than just the ones we witnessed, and they are still grieving — each in their own individual ways.

Last we saw Garth, he was a fun-loving lightweight with some badass skills. Now he still has the skills — and the nerve needed to chase down this old-timey spirit — but he has a heavy weight on his shoulders. Despite Garth’s new look (a jacket with fringe? Really!?) or his acquiring of calling the boys “Idjits,” “Southern Comfort” doesn’t seem like the typical lighthearted visit with Garth we’ve come to know and love.

We’re still waiting for Bobby to make another appearance, as well as the whole deal with what happened to Castiel, so I guess we might get some answers tonight.  Let’s watch and find out!

(Source: Celebuzz)

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