‘Supernatural’ spoilers: Castiel Will Return, but Wants Something Different Now

WARNING: Spoilers for upcoming episode below!

While he’s certainly an ally, Castiel’s role in “Supernatural” has never been the same as the Winchesters’. Castiel is usually more embroiled in the mythology and the broader, season-long arcs, while the Winchesters deal with the the more day-to-day standalone hunts on their own. When he returns from Purgatory, though, Castiel is over the whole angel thing — and he wants to join the boys on the road and become a hunter in his own right.

Suffice to say, Sam and Dean have their doubts. In the episode “Hunteri Heroici,” which airs Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 9 p.m., they reluctantly agree to investigate a case that Castiel has found, in which a man’s heart burst through his chest. Literally.

If that sounds like something that happens on a cartoon when a pretty girl walks past a lusty dude… you’re pretty much on the right track. The Winchesters and Castiel happen upon a town where cartoon physics have replaced actual reality, and they face a bevy of dangers that probably wouldn’t hurt a wascally wabbit for very long, but have disastrous consequences on humans. Think falling anvils and people running off of cliffs and not falling until they look down.

I am optimistic this season still has some good surprises left.

(Source: Zap2it)

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