Rise of the Guardians UK Premiere Interviews and Photos

DreamWorks Animation / UK Poster

I don’t know if the UK always sets up the red carpet, or in this case, the blue carpet, in such an elaborate way.  I’ve been to two world premieres and I have yet to see the “stage” so nicely done up as it shows this one as being.  Or maybe it’s because ‘Rise of the Guardians’ partly relies on the on the success of the film on its brilliantly colorful visuals.  Either way, I really like it and I do like the elves, too!

Chris Pine, Isla Fisher, Alec Baldwin and Jude Law lend their voices to the film and our guys Joe Cunningham and Colin Hart were on the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square this evening to talk to the cast and crew. We chatted with the director Peter Ramsay, producer Christina Steinberg, the film’s composer Alexandre Desplat. Chris Pine talks about working on the film as well as talking about Star Trek Into the Darkness and his role in the new Jack Ryan film, filming now at Pinewood.




The UK Premiere was held earlier this month, and is scheduled for release (in the UK) on November 30, 2012.

To watch the rest of the video interviews, to go HeyUGuys.co.uk.

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