‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ Light Or Dark Art Contest on deviantART


Art by palnk

For those ‘Beautiful Creatures’ fans with a steady hand and a creative imagination, here’s your chance to show your talents and possibly get a chance to go to the U.S. premiere of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ as well as tour the deviantART headquarters along with a bunch of other prizes!

The movie Beautiful Creatures in association with deviantART are pleased to present the “Light” or “Dark” contest. Using the asset pack provided, and with inspiration from the trailer above, get ready to create your most compelling LIGHT or DARK version of Lena!

In the film Beautiful Creatures, based off of the best-selling novel, Lena is a caster, a person who can use magic, and on her birthday she will be Claimed for either Light or Dark. As that day approaches, Lena along with her love interest Ethan uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town. Is it fate, or does Lena have a choice? Help her decide by creating your vision of her as either a light or dark caster! Dark secrets will come to light when Beautiful Creatures is in theaters 2.13.13.

There will be 23 chances to win something, so don’t underestimate yourself!  If you can draw or paint, I recommend giving it a go.  It doesn’t cost anything to enter, just your time.   And I do hope you all start submitting your artworks soon.  It would certainly be cool to post up awesome fan art on here!

Check out the contest information, including the prizes and rules by clicking the link below.

Beautiful Creatures Light Or Dark Contest on deviantART

2 thoughts on “‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ Light Or Dark Art Contest on deviantART

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