POLL: Which YA Movie Character Would You Want to Get a New Year’s Kiss From?

Young happy kissing amorous couple at celebration

There are a few YA books that are going to the big screen in 2013, and so, to celebrate the New Year, we’ve put up this poll in honor of those movies that dare to satisfy our love for YA fiction through film.  You’ve gotten caught up on all the pictures and videos or what not that were out there during this year, so now it’s time to choose.  Our first question to you is, out of all these movies, who would you want to have that special kiss with at the ringing of the New Year?  Hmm?  So hard, I know! But you must choose!  Or not.  But why are you here then?  Choose!

By the way, I know I didn’t include Ender’s Game, essentially because there is only actual picture of the actors and also because not only are the characters minors, but pretty much all the actors are as well, and that’s kind of uncomfortable for me to include in this poll.

Another poll will be up soon to commemorate the New Year’s festivities!

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