ARROW Deals with a Firefly in the Show’s Tenth Episode, “Burned”

No, that doesn’t mean that anyone from the “Firefly” cast is going to appear on the show, unfortunately (not that it doesn’t mean anything for possible future episodes or seasons).  Actually, this is in regards to a the comic book character of the same name.

Here’s what’s known about the Firefly in this series and who’ll be playing him, according to Blastr:

Arrow’s version of the villain is a former firefighter who was badly burned on the job. He was severely mutilated and has serious rage issues.

Firefly is played by Andrew Dunbar, who previously appeared as Marine corporal Gorman on SGU Stargate Universe and had a brief stint on Battlestar Galactica. Dunbar rolls into Starling City later this month, when Arrow returns with its midseason premiere, “Burned.”

Now here’s a synopsis of that episode, if you want to read about it, but I recommend not reading about it if you haven’t watched the mid-season finale and you plan on doing so later, via Zap2it:

After his dismal encounter with the Dark Archer [from episode 9’s ‘Year’s End’], “Arrow” hero Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is feeling less than confident about his future as a vigilante — and in the first episode of 2013, titled “Burned,” he hangs up his leather hood and makes like a civilian for a while.

Well, you know his break doesn’t last long.  Duh.  Anyway, check out some photos below from the episode:

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