I do like this big page pictures of our wonderful actors! The first one is from the February 2013 edition of Vanity Fair, with our lovely Lena, or Alice Englert as she’s known off screen.


Alice Englert in Vanity Fair

If you can’t read it from the picture above:
AGE: 18. PROVENANCE: Sydney, Australia. BABY GRAND: As the daughter of Oscar-winning writer-director Jane Campion (The Piano), Englert spent some of her earliest years on sets. “I think the traveling and exposure really sort of influenced the way I grew up.” FRONT AND CENTER: Unlike her behind-the-scenes mother, Englert found her calling on-screen, making her debut in Ginger & Rosa last year. “We’ve always told stories, and to be able to do it on this level is kind of amazing. Being a part of that in any way was always fascinating to me.” TRIPLE HEADER: While Englert participated in short films growing up, she got her big start in three feature-length movies virtually back-to-back, including this month’s Beautiful Creatures. “At this stage I actually just though they were insane, because it was a huge-budget film and I was just a small indie person. I was my mother’s daughter.” LONDON CALLING: Taking a breather from her hectic schedule, Englert is currently planning a move from Australia to Britain. “I always had a real crush on London. And I feel like we need to make that date and do it.”

The second is from the February 2013 edition of Teen Vogue with our handsome Ethan, aka Alden Ehrenreich.


Alden Ehrenreich in Teen Vogue


click on image to enlarge

Ethan and Lena

Ethan and Lena

Two Magazine Spreads for Two ‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ Stars

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