Robert Downey Jr. posing with 1 of his 3 awards

As if you needed further proof that Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark!  Honestly folks, you’d think that his stint in jail for reasons not needed to be brought up anymore than it has been would humble the guy.  But the thing is, he’s still a brilliant actor, and he knows it.  And we know it, and we let him know again and again just how brilliant he is.  So, of course, the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man belonged to him.  He embodies Tony Stark.

So, it’s no surprise that he would win an award, one voted by the most important group of citizens, the fans.

Thanks Ton-, er, Robert!   Check out his acceptance speech below.

For more pictures of Robert Downey Jr. from the People’s Choice Awards 2013, check out JustJared.

Robert Downey Jr. Wins a People’s Choice Award for His Role As IRON MAN

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