‘MISFITS’ Renewed for 5th Season

I know, I know!  Even I’ll admit that it’s not the same without the original cast, but it’s not like these guys aren’t good.  I just think we need to start warming up to them, and also, that they really loosen up a bit. Sure, Finn and Rudy have their moments of vile lightheartedness, but Jess needs to smile more, I think.  Also, they need to start using their powers more.  Luckily, the final episode of Season 4 showed them actually using it, but we need more of that at the start of the season.  And maybe the way that Alex has been acting now that he got his… er, you-know-what back, this could shake things up a bit.

You can watch season 4 of the hit Brit series, Misfits, on Hulu right now, if you haven’t been keeping up, and catch up before season 5, which the UK’s TVWise is reporting exclusively has been ordered by E4.

TVWise states that season 5, which will comprise of 8 total episodes, will air in late 2013, adding that although viewership has dropped a bit from season 3, a renewal for season 5 isn’t a big surprise.

Season 4 returned to Channel 4 in the UK, in October, airing on Hulu in the USA a day after episodes aired in the UK, which excited fans Stateside, because it meant, no more waiting for months.

via IndieWire.

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