THOR’s Jaimie Alexander Talks About Bourne-ing Female Superheroes


During the MTV that we posted about here, actress Jaimie Alexander was asked about playing other female superheroes, including a certain popular Amazonian princess.  She decided to take that moment to explain the problem with the female superheroes these days, and what should be done to make them a better role model for the girls of this day and age.  Interviewer Josh Horowitz first asks her about female superheroes she’s interested in playing:

“I’m too old to play X-23. I’ve been told 100 times. It’s okay! I get it!”

Too bad, because she would’ve probably been great as X-23.  She was then asked about the idea of entering the DC Universe, and her disinterest in playing Wonder Woman:

“The thing was I used to be, and then I’ve seen how many failed attempts they’ve tried to make at re-making it and it’s embarrassing for me as a woman to see what they did with that TV show [referring to the David E. Kelley ‘Wonder Woman’ pilot was was never aired and then scrapped].  It had nothing to do with that amazing actress Adrianne Palicki.  Absolutely not, she’s fantastic.

“Let’s talk about this for a second.  You’ve got very few female superheroes that are dominating films these days, unless they’re in a skin tight outfit and their boobs are pushed up to their chin, you know? And it’s not okay. It’s not.

“There needs to be a positive role model.  If you’re going to make Wonder Woman, make it like ‘The Bourne Supremecy’, you know. Let’s do something awesome like that. Like ‘Alias’ was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that? Why does she have to be in hot pants and spandex and all this stuff? And yeah, I get it, it’s visually stunning for, you know, half of the people, but at least make her grow a pair! I mean, I’m serious, ok. All she does is sit and eat ice cream while she’s crying over a boy. I know that never aired, but that’s what the script said and I was like, ‘What?!’”

Palicki Wonder Woman Costume

The hot pants were the least of my concerns regarding this outfit.

She was then asked again about other characters she would’ve wanted to play aside from X-23.

“Well, I always wanted to play Jubilee but missed that one too, I’m not a teenager anymore.”

I have to say she makes a good point about the issue with the outfits of a majority of comic book superheroines.  If you watch the TV series Arrow, they did an excellent job of modernizing not only the Green Arrow’s outfit, but also that of the villains that come in sporting some kind of costume, one of them being The Huntress, and not a bit of underwear was showing (at least not in the costume).  They aren’t cartoony or cheesy.  They are based more on realism and grittiness, and it looks good.  Sure, the Wonder Woman of the 70s was okay, but there’s no way that look would’ve been good for a series these days.


Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) at work in Alias

But Jaimie did mention Alias, and lest she forget, although Sydney Bristow was kicking butt, she often did it with lingerie on.  Certainly,  not all the time, but definitely more than a handful of times.  So, I’m not sure how positive of a role model this character is, either.

And I do believe she did have her ice cream moments, too.  I think it’s okay for a woman to show vulnerability once in a while and still be able to kick butt when it’s appropriate to do so.   We aren’t robots!

via The Mary Sue.

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