Felicia Day Returns to ‘SUPERNATURAL’ as Queen and Dean Winchester In His Geekiest Role Outfit Yet

Wait, what??  Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) prancing about the larping community? Dean dressed in medieval attire?  A squire?  A wanna-be knight? Sign me up, please!

When Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious deaths of two big-time geeks who were into live action role-playing, they’re pretty psyched to discover that they’ve already got an ally on the inside. Charlie, who helped them out during their epic battle against Dick Roman last season, is Queen of the LARPers.

No, seriously. She’s got a crown and everything.

The episode also reunites Dean with one of his favorite supernatural foes: the fairy. The boys learn that a fairy (Tiffany Dupont) is responsible for the tragedies in the LARPing community, but she’s not harming people of her own free will. She’s got a master, and unless they find the puppeteer, there are bound to be more deaths. This is just a guess, but we’re guessing it’s the dude with the animal skull for a face.

Well, it really is nice to have Felicia Day back, and here’s hoping for a fun, geeky episode with that right amount of scare.  And in regards to the title, LARP and the Real Girl, the title alludes to the movie Lars and the Real Girl, which really has nothing remotely similar to Larping, Supernatural, or Felicia Day, but it is an amazing movie (which stars another hottie, Ryan Gosling.)  Now, just enjoy the images.

via Zap2it.

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