Mark Millar Explains Why X-MEN: THE LAST STAND + X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Didn’t Work

Executive Producer Mark Millar, who spoke previously spoke about his involvement in the upcoming ‘The Wolverine’, explains further about why X-Men 3 and the Wolverine origin movie were not as successful as they could’ve been.  I have my own reasons for why they were, to put it nicely, not good, but let’s see what Mark’s reasons were:

by JoseElizondo

X-Men: The Last Stand
by JoseElizondo

“I remember when I was writing Ultimate X-Men and people were saying ‘I want to see Gambit, I want to see Rogue, I want to see…’ Everybody has a list, and at first you think ‘I’m going to please everyone’ and then you realise you’re pleasing no-one by just throwing in ten second cameos, you know. I think that was the major problem with that first Wolverine movie and X-Men 3.  Bryan Singer did such an incredible job with that original movie – it’s quite like Star Wars in that there’s Episodes IV, V and VI, and we’ve got the Matthew Vaughn prequels, and I love that – I love the fact that it simplifies so well. X-Men in the Nineties was so convoluted in comic-book terms, and Bryan drove a knife through it and make it work and simplified the whole thing.”

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

“I’d like to have that same approach and if we are bringing in a character then it shouldn’t just be for a trailer or to get a picture up online, get people excited, it should actually have a point in the story. The trick with that is to try and keep the cast relatively small so that you actually care about them.”


X-Men: First Class

“I think as long as it’s done right… I know how it’s done, so I’m not worried. I’ve been in all these meetings and talked about it at length with everyone, and everything I hear sounds incredibly mainstream. It’s no more difficult than The Terminator, or whatever, there’s one element of time jump in it, but other than that it’s absolutely fine.”

I wish I could say that I disagree with Mark, but I don’t.  He’s pretty much dead on with his assessment, however, I would also just like to add that a red leather suit, redder hair and a big fan (and I don’t mean overly-obsessed people) does not make one a Dark Phoenix, and it will always be a sore spot for me.  

via Fox exec explains why X-Men 3 + Wolverine prequel were terrible | Blastr.

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