Concept Art for Iron Man Suit and Helicarrier in ‘THE AVENGERS’


Helicarrier concept art

Concept artist Phil Saunders explains the ideas that came about when drawing up the designs for the Iron Man suit and different visions he had for the Helicarrier.

The Iron Man armor has gone through many iterations, but it was important that, for The Avengers, Tony Stark sport something really special. Likewise, if S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to have a helicarrier, it had better be the most boss helicarrier in the history of helicarriers.

“Below are the initial 3 sketches I did early on before we knew what the Mk 7 should be. The first was actually a revision of a design I had been thinking of initially for Iron Man 2 before ultimately choosing another project. It was a lighter, more streamlined version of what had come before, trying to integrate a flowing theme wrapping around the “RT” on the chest and mirroring that fast line through the body. This was more of the evolutionary design, and ultimately was approved pretty much immediately as a starting point for the Mk 7.”

via Blastr.

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