Get the DreamWorks AR App (, scan my poster and watch a clip from my movie, The Croods!

DreamWorks Animation now has a new character poster for ‘The Croods’.  This one is of Eep, the narrator of the story, or at least in the trailer.

My name is Eep, and I’m 19 summers old. I like to run, jump, and chase mammoths. Any chance I get, I like to lie in the sun. I guess because my family and I live in a cave. We’re the last cave in Crood Canyon… actually, we’re the only cave in Crood Canyon. I don’t get out much, probably because there’s a lot of stuff outside that wants to eat us. All that time inside doesn’t really interfere with my dating life because there aren’t any boys to date. The last dateable one was eaten a few years ago. I can’t complain though, because complaining hasn’t been invented yet.

If you scan the poster with the DreamWorks AR App, you’ll be able to see a cute little scene between Eep (voiced by Emma Stone) and her friend, Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds).

Eep Character Poster for ‘THE CROODS’

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