Kevin Feige Gets Jon Favreau’s Happy More Screen Time in ‘IRON MAN 3’

We’ll forever be grateful for what Jon Favreau did for all the fans in bringing Iron Man to life on the big screen, but after the sequel, we weren’t sure anymore what was going on and if Jon had somehow lost his way a bit.  However, now that Shane Black‘s directing it, and after the success of “The Avengers,” and the IM3 trailer out now, it seems the Stark story is well on its way back to finding another solo success in this third film.

But this doesn’t mean that Jon is out of the picture completely, so to speak, as Marvel’s Kevin Feige spoke with MTV News about Stark’s sidekick, Happy Hogan (played by Mr. Favreau):

Feige states that the character will have a bigger part in Iron Man 3, as well as more of a connection to Stark and that he steals some “amazing” scenes. “When you put Jon in front of the camera, he tends to steal every scene he’s in, just by reading the scripted lines, but also by going off-book and ad-libbing with the best of them. He’s got some amazing scenes that he steals. But there’s a deeper storyline for Happy in this one, and more of a connection with Tony. The movie goes into why they’ve been friends for all these years.” He also confirmed that Favreau shot his scenes “very early in production”. “It was wonderful for Shane, because he had Favreau right there, sitting next to him,” says Feige. “Shane was not shy about going over and asking Jon questions, whether it was as simple as, ‘How do I navigate this giant green screen?’ Or if it was a question about the character and the franchise. Jon is incredibly gracious and incredibly conscious with other filmmakers to not step on their toes. At the same time, he gives advice and input when he’s asked.”

Finally, Feige calls Favreau’s involvement a pleasure, and says that the third Iron Man feels like a natural progression of the series’ storyline. “It’s been a pleasure having Favreau involved. It feels like a natural evolution and a natural continuation of the storyline, even behind-the-scenes, in the making of the movie. It’s not a right turn from where we started.

I sure hope that Jon gets some good screen time.  The actor is quite a character when he’s waxing comedic, and we certainly need it from someone as Tony, James, and Pepper don’t seem to quite fit the bill for that.

via GeekTyrant.

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