‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ Spoiler-filled Featurette Introduces Emma Thompson and More


EW.com has an exclusive video on the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ movie, which really is quite filled with spoilers and explains the roles of the main characters, including that of Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Alden Ehrenreich,  Alice Englert, and a good amount of focus on Emma Thompson.  I would almost say that it would be too much to show if, especially if you are the type who doesn’t want to see anything more on it until you go see it in the theaters.

But if you’re the type that needs to see as much of it as soon as possible, then by all means, click on the link after the jump.

Thompson’s over-the-top southern accent is the best part of this exclusive featurette, which introduces Beautiful Creatures‘s main players and teases the main beats of its plot. Then again, the accent has a bit of competition from Emmy Rossum’s deliciously wicked Ridley and the few glimpses we get of the movie’s spooky special effects. Watch it for yourself, but be forewarned: If you don’t want a fairly important revelation about Thompson’s character to be spoiled, you might not want to press “play.”

Watch the featurette at EW.com.

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