Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert from “X-Men: First Class”

Bryan Singer is taking some out and putting some back in.  Thus is the Days of Future Past.

Apparently Rose Byrne, who played CIA agent Moira MacTaggert, has yet to hear anything out of director Bryan Singer’s camp about bringing her back for the sequel. Byrne’s character was a major player in the first film, essentially bringing the X-Men together to battle Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon).

But it’s not terribly surprising to hear that she could be left on the bench this time around. Her character had a good arc, and it came to a solid conclusion by the end of First Class. She’d gotten the band together and the focus essentially shifted completely over to the face-off between Xavier and Magneto.

Considering the fact that Singer is combining the original present-day X-Men cast with the prequel-era mutants of First Class, that makes for a lot of moving parts. It’s not much of a shocker that he’d trim as many of the side characters as possible to give the time-hopping storyline some room to breathe.

via Blastr.

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Moira MacTaggert Character Not Confirmed for ‘X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’

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