Henry Cavill as Superman on the cover of Empire

So, the trailers may be a bit misleading in the way it was presented, with the soft singing, the slow-motion shots, and the melancholy look of Henry Cavill‘s Clark Kent, but apparently, that’s just the stuff they want to show us, but it’s not the whole movie.  Well, cool!

Empire magazine was able to give us some images, including Superman on the cover as well. Here’s what Henry had to say about the movie:

It’s not a dark movie by any means. Past representations of the character have been quite light… This is a more realistic view of the character, while still maintaining the very unrealistic, or potentially unrealistic features of an alien with superpowers.

And screenwriter Davis S. Goyer added in that there’s more action sequences in this movie than any of the Dark Knight films, which he wrote as well.  I hope so.  The Dark Knight, although excellent, had sporadic moments of actions, but only a few of them.   I hope this one can deliver, because if it doesn’t, the Justice League movie may very well be in jeopardy.

Also, if you’re curious about the idea of British actor Cavill playing the titular role and the tone of the character, here’s what comic book writer Mark Millar had to say about it (via ScreenRant): 

“It’s hard to put a finger on it, but sometimes it just feels right. Curt Swan and Alex Ross have captured Superman better than any other artist. Cary Bates, Elliot Maggin, Mark Waid, Gerry Conway and Alan Moore have nailed it more than any other writer. There have been some brilliant creators on Superman over the years telling wonderful stories, but my radar is attuned and I can spot an impersonation.”

“…But I completely buy Cavill in this role. That instinctive gut feeling that I’m looking at a pic of Superman… I don’t even mind the costume. Losing the trunks was pointless, throws the balance of the design off and looks truly, truly HORRIBLE in the comics. But the muted colours work really well, those dark blues and reds really making the pics look very rich and regal. I love how this is looking. Cavill was a great choice, but then Snyder has a great eye. Cracking team behind this so I have high hopes.”


Russell Crowe as Jor-El


Michael Shannon as General Zod


via GeekTyrant.

‘MAN OF STEEL’ Star Henry Cavill Claims Movie Is Not Dark, Plus Images From Empire Magazine

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