Seth Gabel Dishes More on His Character on ‘ARROW’

Seth Gabel as The Count

Seth Gabel as The Count

‘Fringe’ favorite Seth Gabel will soon be making his return to TV as The Count in The CW’s ‘Arrow,’ a baddie drug kingpin.  Here, he talks about who exactly The Count is.

“The Count is a trickster, and he comes from the street. Most of the people on Oliver’s list are white-collar villains … but The Count is unique in that he relishes the opportunity to prove his own dominance over any force in Starling City and as a force of the street,” Gabel tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He feels like he can take on anything, including the Arrow.”

And it seems he has a fondness for science fiction.

“I love the sci-fi world,” he says. “It’s a grand metaphor for what we’re experiencing in society now, with technology changing in an exponential way. I think the world we’re in is going to change very quickly, and we need these sci-fi genre metaphors to help us understand the scope of what it is we’re all going to be experiencing in the next 10 to 20 years.”

It’s a great metaphor, but as an actor I wonder if he also like sci-fi because there must be some sort of freedom in playing a character that is a little more than ordinary in that realm.

I know I would.

via Hollywood Reporter.

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