First Official Image of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in ‘MAN OF STEEL’

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in ‘Man of Steel’

I’m not concerned about the hair color in this case.  Maybe because I didn’t actually read the comics, or maybe because I feel that fans (myself included) sometimes focus too much attention on things that really have no major significance to the storyline.  I know that for many fans, it matters a lot for them because how could they accept it if it doesn’t look right in the first place.  Well, sometimes it’s the fans that need to overcome the obstacles of their imagination to accept it, especially if the person playing the role actually does a good job of bringing that character to life.

So, here’s your Lois Lane.  If you don’t like her for the part, oh well.  That’s all that can be said about it now.  Here’s what Amy Adams had to say about portraying Superman’s love interest:

“I grew up with Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, so I didn’t want to try and be that version. Zack (Snyder) said that he wanted to play for more realism. There’s definitely still banter (with Superman). She’s tough, modern, and more contemporary. There’s also a lot more action than I’ve seen in my career.”

Director Zack Snyder didn’t divulge much information as to how their relationship will be played out on screen to avoid revealing major plot points of the movie, or in his words, giving “a bit of the DNA of the movie away,” but he did say this:

“Suffice to say, whether it is Superman or Kal-El or Clark Kent, we wanted to make him cooler. You’ll have to wait and see the why of it. Amy is everything you would hope for from Lois Lane.”

via ScreenRant.

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