The ‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ Soundtrack is All About Swamptronica

From what the music sounds like in the video, I’m digging it.  I can’t wait to hear it mixed in with the movie.  Music tends to set the tone of the film, so it’s important to have a group such as thenewno2 help with visualizing the mood of each scene.

“When we met originally, we did talk about the idea of having a classic, traditional score quoting themes,” Jonathan [Sadoff] told us during a recent recording session. “You wanted each character’s DNA repeated throughout the movie. That was definitely something that resonated with us. A classic score with a modern take.”

“There was a lot of South, swamp, Delta, blues, stomp stuff, which is great because I love the blues,” Dhani [Harrison] continued. “There was a lot of mention of orchestration of the magical world, which is great because that is John and Paul, who are really good at all the programming and orchestration… We came up with something between blues, electronic and swamp music, which became ‘swamptronica.'”

With the swamptronica sound at its core, the guys revealed that each character will have his or her own signature sound too.

The soundtrack cover

The soundtrack cover

“The caster sound is kind of a blend of all the themes—Ethan’s tone, which is guitars, folk instruments; Lena’s, which is glass harmonica, very smooth, sweet sounds; and the world, which is a dark and large orchestral treatment,” Jonathan explained. “And the root is a very traditional orchestral score. We bring that all together [into] this old-school Hollywood film scoring and moosh that all together, and it’s our casters because they bring different things to the table.”

The “Beautiful Creatures” soundtrack, featuring guests Ben Harper, Liela Moss and Tony Hicks, will be available February 12, with the film hitting theaters February 14.

Check out the videos at MTV.

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