The Reason Why Jake Abel Felt Intimidated In His ‘THE HOST’ Audition


In an exclusive interview with MTV’s Hollywood Crush, ‘The Host’s Jake Abel got to speak about his part in the movie, including his audition and working with Saoirse Ronan again (they both were in the movie, ‘The Lovely Bones,’ but not as a romantic couple.)

What he knew about ‘The Host’ –

“I believe [author and producer] Stephenie [Meyer] had done a couple of small films that were relatively successful, and I had heard of them from those,” he jokes.  “I didn’t know too much about ‘The Host’ until I heard about the auditions.”

What his audition was like –

“Before I actually had to read with Saoirse, I’d ran into Stephenie out in the lobby.  That wasn’t intimidating enough.  I hadn’t seen Saoirse in four years and the last time we worked together, she was fourteen.  And now I had to go in and do a romantic scene with her.”

Ian (Jake Abel) and Wanda (Saoirse Ronan)

Ian (Jake Abel) and Wanda (Saoirse Ronan)

On working with Saoirse –

“I really look forward to a film where I get the honor and the luck to work with someone who’s as great as Saoirse.  She makes my job so much more easier.  And as far as her playing two different people, for me, all that Ian’s concerned about is Wanda.  As far as he knows, she’s just Wanda.  He had never met her before when she was Melanie.  So I hadn’t really got see Saoirse’s transitions, which will be really exciting to see in the theaters.”


On his favorite scene –

“My favorite to shoot was most definitely this one (points to background  of Shiprock and the ridges next to it), where are hideout is – and our cave.   The other day, we were standing up one of those high ridges on the spine right there, and it was one of the most fantastic things I ever got to see.”

via MTV.

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