The New Guy

Hi, I’m Guy. You might say I like to travel. In fact, I’ve been walking alone since I was a little kid. The alone time gives me lots of time to think. Like wondering where the rain comes from and where do the suns go to sleep at night. Besides hanging out with my best friend, my pet sloth, Belt, I like coming up with ideas and inventing things. I also like hanging out with the Croods, except for the times when Eep’s Dad tries to kill me.

The Utility Belt

Hi! This is Guy, actually. Belt can’t speak English. But I can speak Beltish. So I will be translating for him. Belt wants you to know that he’s the world’s first pet. He says that in addition to holding my pants up, he likes long walks on the beach and watching sunsets. He has a far superior intellect to humans and can’t wait for the day until Sloths run the world.
Make sure to download Belt’s official ringtone for your BlackBerry, Android or iPhone!

Over-Protective Dad

Being the father of a caveman family isn’t easy. First of all, pretty much everything outside our cave wants to eat us. If I could keep my family inside all the time I would, but we have to go out once in a while for food and water. Once we find it, it’s right back inside. On the positive side, we spend a lot of time together. On the downside, it’s pretty dark in here so we really don’t see each other very much. But when it comes to my mother-in-law, it’s okay with me.

Wild Child

Hi, my name is Sandy. I technically can’t talk yet, but I do have one mean growl. I’m the youngest member of the Croods, but don’t let my cuteness fool you. My bark is just as bad as my bite!


If you downloaded the DreamWorks AR App to scan Eep’s poster, then scan these posters to see a little clip from the movie!

There’s even a Belt ringtone that you can download for free!

Four More ‘THE CROODS’ Character Posters To Scan

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