Random Fandom Book News: Scott Hicks To Direct YA Adaptation ‘FALLEN’

I’m not quite sure if I can call this the era of the YA, but hey, if we’re willing to see it…  why not, right?

Lauren Kate‘s ‘Fallen’ is getting set to go to the big screen now that it has a director!

“Shine” director Scott Hicks will helm the movie from a script by Kathryn Price and Nichole Millard, who both paired up on that Dwayne Johnson comedy “The Game Plan.” So… yeah. Anyway, this storyline is about as young adult as you can get. A Southern gothic romance, it centers on the 17-year-old Luce who essentially becomes the point in a love triangle between two fallen angels, which puts the fate of the world in her hands or something because of course it does. But we’re sure fourteen year-olds love this stuff, so more power to them.

Anyway, the project already gained buzz at the American Film Market in the fall, and heads to Berlin with an Academy Award nominated director attached. Granted, his work since has been spotty (for every “Snow Falling On Cedars” and “Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts” there’s a “No Reservations” or “Hearts In Atlantis”) but having helmed the Zac Efron weepie “The Lucky One” last year, he knows how to work those mawkish heartstrings.

Are you excited for this?  What other books do you hope will be turned into movies?

via The Playlist.

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