‘Scott Pilgrim’ Director Edgar Wright Talks ‘ANT-MAN’

There isn’t any real news about what’s going on with ‘Ant-Man’ just yet, but that didn’t stop people from asking director Edgar Wright about it.  Here’s what he had to say about it when IGN approached him about the movie: 

“It’s a way of doing a superhero film within another genre. I wanted to tell an origin tale in a slightly different way. It’s part of the Marvel cinematic universe, but it also feels like its own piece.”

Wright’s comments echo those of Wolverine director James Mangold, in terms of how neither wants to adhere to the typical superhero movie formula. Here, Ant-Man is shaping up closer to an espionage genre action-thriller – similar to, say, the first Mission: Impossible installment – rather than your average ‘Superhero Movie’ about an ordinary person gaining incredible powers, learning to be responsible, and so forth. That should set a good precedent for other films coming during Phase III, including Doctor Strange (which is the other confirmed new superhero movie in Phase III, to date).

On why Ant-Man‘s been in pre-production mode for six years:

“I’ve been collaborating with [Marvel boss] Kevin [Feige] during the whole of that cycle. I think people have always assumed… ‘Oh why is it taking so long to make?’ Part of it is because I wanted to make two other movies [Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The World’s End] first… But to be honest, the later I do it, it feels like I could learn more, especially about special effects. It’s a big effects movie, so I’m pleased to go into it having done Scott Pilgrim and The World’s End because you’re always learning more about that side.”

via ScreenRant.

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