‘THE HOST’ Gets a PG-13 Rating

No surprise that the MPAA gave “The Host” a PG-13 Rating.  It’s all good.

Not to anyone’s surprise (if you’ve read the book), the movie gets a PG-13 rating for “some sensuality and violence.”

We’re happy to hear that the filmakers and director, Andrew Niccol, havn’t [sic] deviated from the book so far. The story does contain some physical violence, especially when one has aliens invading their world. Plus sensuality when the main characters, Melanie/Wanderer, have affections for the two hunks, but nothing to deserve an R-rating.

And one more thing, Jake Abel (@mrjakeabel) did manage to tweet the following out, but if you check on his account, it’s no longer there.  He probably spilled the beans before they wanted him to.

What’s interesting is that he listed Spain as being part of the tour, which means they’ll be going international for this thing. Usually they just go international for the premieres, but if there’s more to it than that, this should make international The Host fans very excited, if they live nearby, that is.

‘The Host’ comes out in theaters on March 29, 2013.  Are you excited yet? 

via Page to Premiere Network.

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