Rumor Mill: ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Movie Script May Be Completely Scrapped

Well, things probably aren’t turning out the way Warner Bros. or DC Entertainment want at this moment for the ‘Justice League’ future.  Turns out the script, written by Will Beall, might have to be rewritten, or completely redone by new writers.  Or maybe it was just overambitious in the wake of the success of ‘The Avengers.’  This is all just speculation, and probably something that won’t be confirmed by either WB or DCE.  But if it’s true, then yes, it’s a major setback.

According to their sources, all indications are that the script simply wasn’t good, and it was made worse by studio exec meddling (recall: Warner Bros. power struggle) that’s resulted in characters being pulled, re-added, and pulled again throughout the process. They also reaffirmed the notion that Warner Bros. is simply waiting on the reception of Man of Steel before making any big decisions as Henry Cavill’s performance as Clark Kent AKA Kal-El AKA Superman may be the driving force behind launching a unified DC cinematic universe much like Marvel’s.

After the poor reception of Gangster Squad for which Beall wrote for Warner Bros., the news shouldn’t come as a major surprise. Furthermore, if the rumors reported by Latino-Review about Justice League involving Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman battling Darkseid in their first outing together were true, there was concern they were jumping into something too big and not fit for the beginning of such a franchise. WB was already taking a risk at throwing heroes together who didn’t have their origin tales told first, but by also tossing in one of their greatest cosmic villains, one that’s comparable to Marvel’s Thanos in many ways, there’s simply not enough time to develop the characters.


Very, very true.  As much as we’d want to see something like the League taking on a very formidable foe without even knowing if they can be successful in their own individual films (Nolan’s Batman trilogy have been the only movies as of late to be successful in fans’ eyes, and ‘Green Lantern’ just didn’t perform well at all) can be too much of a risk – although it’s good to know they are waiting to see how ‘Man of Steel’ does first, which is a smart move.  You don’t want to put out any film just to keep up with the Joneses, or Marvel in this case.  2015 may seem far away, but considering the amount of time it took for the characters of ‘The Avengers’ to be successful in their own films first before taking on such a huge ensemble, 2 years is like a blink of an eye (the first ‘Iron Man’ movie and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ were both released in 2008, 4 years prior to the release of The Avengers).  

As it stands, Justice League does not have a director and is likely looking for new writers, and it sounds like they need a script before they’ll get the former. A few things are clear: Warner Bros. is uncertain about the future of their DC Entertainment properties and they do not have a plan in place. Maybe it’s time to bring in some legitimate comic book aficionados from DC into the mix.

For years, the Screen Rant staff has been championing Bruce Timm, a man who’s been involved on the DC Animation side of things for two decades, as a go-to figurehead for their live-action universe. Let’s get him and other folks from the comic book side in place to piece together a long-term gameplan for the story and structure of the DC cinematic universe, since it’s looking less and less likely that Justice League will meet any 2015 release date.

Okay, there’s still hope they can work through these issues and make something good out of it.  They just need to stop trying to be in such a hurry.  Sure, we fans want to see the movie as soon as possible, but it won’t matter how soon we get it if the end result is some hurried flick with underdeveloped characters (movie-wise, I mean), bad dialogue, crap visual effects, and lack of respect for the comics from which they came from.  

via ScreenRant.

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