We Get To See Another Side of Marvel Heroines She-Hulk & Rogue With Their Own Novels

Marvel has partnered with Hyperion Books (which is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group, of course) to publish a couple of books on 2 female superheroes, which will be coming out in June of this year.  Here’s what to expect from these books, via their synopsis:

She-Hulk, Marvel’s much-beloved comic book heroine who shares her cousin Bruce Banner’s ability to transform into a hero of incredible power, comes to life in a page-turning novel. In The “She-Hulk Diaries,” Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, juggles climbing the corporate ladder by day and battling villains and saving the world by night—all while trying to navigate the dating world to find a Mr. Right who might not mind a sometimes-very big and green girlfriend.

The second novel, “Rogue Touch,” features one of the most popular X-Men characters, Rogue, a young woman trying to navigate the challenges of everyday life and romance—except that her touch is deadly. After accidentally putting her first boyfriend in a coma, she runs away from home where, she meets the handsome and otherworldly James and sparks fly. Like Rogue, however, James’ life is hardly simple. To elude his mysterious and dangerous family, James shaves his head, dons all black. Stealing a car, they head out on the highway and eventually, Rogue has to decide whether she will unleash her devastating powers in order to save the only man alive who seems to truly understand her.

There might be some die-hard comic book fans that are seething about this, feeling that Disney touch affecting their Marvel universe.  But honestly, as a female who loves both comics and  novels, I’m actually excited to see how this goes, although I’m not sure I care for the titles.  Obviously, there’s a huge potential for the female readers out there who aren’t as engrossed in the comics as they are in the movies that are made from them.  This is a perfect opportunity for them to see these characters in a different light.  

Sure, they probably shouldn’t be written out as anything helpless, but these characters, despite being superhuman, aren’t always invulnerable and aren’t always about smash, smash, smash.  As a reader, people want to know more, want to read more and visualize it in their head instead of see it on panels.   

So, yes, I’m interested.  I want to be one of the ones to read these books and see how they are and if all goes well, I will continue to read more about them, and whatever other characters they decide need a book.  The only problem I see is if they deviate too much from the what the characters are in the comics.  There has to be some kind of balance between the book and comic.  So, come June, we’ll find out if this is the start of something very good, or slap in the face of the Marvel Comics Universe.  

What do you think? Are you willing to give this a chance, or are you ready to accuse Disney of blasphemy?  

via The Mary Sue.

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