Emily Bett Rickards Talks About the Relationship Dynamics Changing for Her Character in ‘ARROW’


Now that we know Emily Bett Rickard‘s is going to be on as a series regular, we get to hear from her about her character’s role, which seems she’s looking forward to expanding in the relationship category, and anything pretty much out of the office.  

“My favorite part is that the relationships start to change,” Rickards told Celebuzz. “With Oliver, she’s still a super nervous human being, and that doesn’t change, God bless her; she’s awesome. That doesn’t change, but she starts to trust Oliver, and I think it becomes very sweet,” Rickards said.

“Oliver never really lets his guard down for anyone, but having her there creates a different dynamic — even just having a female there in the lair and in that relationship. It loosens some things; it becomes more comfortable; and we’ll see that relationship evolve definitely into the first season.”

In tonight’s episode, “The Odyssey,” it looks like she finally gets to see more of what Oliver is about and probably the fact that she had her hunches already of who Oliver was as well.  

“I think the energy drink in the syringe was quite the [last straw] for her… She had her hunches, I’ll say that. She definitely knew something was up with him. He’s not exactly the most comfortable human being for her to be around, and I think her first instinct was ‘there’s definitely something going on,’” Rickards said.


“The way she finds out with him in the back of her car [is] extremely terrifying, but when he takes off the hood, it clarifies everything. She’s very systematic about the way she thinks about things. When I was doing my research for that scene… it was just like all the lights in her mind went green. She was like, ‘That makes sense!’”

She goes on to explain that the events of the next few episodes may change her way of seeing Oliver as she gets to know more about him.  

“He’s no longer just the façade of a millionaire man; he’s a real human being trying to help other people and have gotten himself into this lifestyle, if you will, and now there’s no barrier between them there. Her view on justice does change as well, because of Oliver, but she really does want to keep her morals strong,” Rickards said.

“There is an art thief that steals a precious jewel, and [Felicity] tries to get Oliver to take him — to grab somebody who isn’t actually on the list. It’s something that Felicity has her paws in and says ‘This isn’t right. You can’t just stick to people on the list; there’s other people out there who are bad, too!’”

No doubt being on a show such as this where lots of physicality is involved, it can be a little mundane to always stay behind the desk, so Rickards is hoping for some actual physical training herself, and apparently she stated that it would happen for her character in Season 2.  Other than that, there’s no word on any kind of romantic relationship for her with Ollie. 

“For me, when we’re working in the foundry and on different scenes with Oliver, it seems more friendship-based, and it’s always more ‘Trust me, trust me.’ There’s some sort of family camaraderie, and there’s also a spark. They do have chemistry. Whether it’s romantic chemistry or friendship chemistry, that’s up for debate,” Rickards said.

Nevertheless, fans are probably already shipping them anyway, so it almost doesn’t matter what they do on the show.  Soon, Tumblr will be exploding with shipper names such as “Feliciver” or “Olicity,” or whatever 2 character they can smush together, really.  

via Celebuzz.

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