Superhero Saturday: Marvel – ‘IRON MAN 3’

6 Iron Man Armor Suits fans would love to see on screen:

In Tony Stark’s quest to become the world’s greatest privately-funded superhero, movie audiences have seen no less than seven versions of his armor. And with Iron Man 3, even more are preparing for an official unveiling.

So far the Extremis and Iron Patriot armors are confirmed to appear, with rumors of an even larger gallery of suits refusing to die.

We’ve looked back on the years of comic book history to pick out suits that wouldn’t just be impressive to see on screen, but could help lay foundations for Iron Man’s future -wherever that may take him.

Everyone’s got their favorites, but here are 6 Iron Man Armors We Want In Marvel’s Movie Universe.

Read more about why at ScreenRant.

And here’s one that will actually be in the film:

Iron Patriot

Iron Patriot

via ScreenRant.

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