Marc Webb‘s Twitter Pics for the week:



Marc also showed us a Twitter video that at first glance doesn’t seem like anything, but if you’re paying close attention, there’s a little more there than you think:


via SlashFilm.


Felicity Jones in a scene from “Like Crazy”

Felicity Jones confirmed to be in the film, though no official announcement has yet been made as to what character she’ll be playing, although that hasn’t stopped everyone from talking about (or wishing for) Black Cat:

There were rumors that British actor Felicity Jones would be joining the cast, but confirmation has just officially come through. Who will she be playing? That’s being kept a mystery, but the big rumor is that she’ll be taking on another major Marvel character — Black Cat. Yes, the character that isn’t actually a rip-off of Catwoman, even though everybody thinks she is.


There are only rumors of Black Cat

via Blastr.

Superhero Saturday: Marvel – ‘THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2’

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