‘THE HOST’ Live Q&A With Stephenie Meyer and Cast

Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Abel during the Google+ Hangout live chat.

Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Abel during ‘The Host’ live chat.

As much as I wish I was there, this watching this live Google+ Hangout Q&A event from the comfort of my own home was about as good as it got.  For those of you who missed it because of school (yeah, that sucks) or work (sucks even more), or even the fact that it was Valentine’s Day and you forgot about it, well, here’s your chance to watch it now.  Stephenie Meyer and Jake Abel were there in person at the Google office in L.A., while Max Irons and Saoirse Ronan (who came in late at an awkward moment, and then said something more whilst entering, causing a fit of chuckles from Max) were online from across the pond.

The online hangout was pretty successful, aside from some tech issues from Saoirse’s side only regarding sound and video.  What was pretty cool was that there wasn’t really any lag problems or delays from Saoirse and Max, meaning we didn’t have to wait 5 seconds for them to hear the question, which was nice and not so awkward as some of those satellite interviews are.

Unfortunately, Saoirse’s tech issues didn’t end there as she involuntarily left abruptly due to the battery on her laptop dying (which she warned about prior to it happening), but aside from this, it was a cool way of bringing in the fans that couldn’t be there but were able to watch.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll see:

0:00 – Introductions

1:30 – Premiere of trailer

2:40 – Saoirse’s graceful entrance onto the hangout during the trailer

5:00 – Question for Stephenie: On which scene was she excited to see filmed.

7:30 – Question for Jake & Max: On how similar/different they are from their characters.

9:04 – For Stephenie: On if she felt like she knew how the story goes but didn’t know how to write it, and what she does to keep going.

9:50 – Question for Saoirse:  On what the hardest thing was to portray of both Melanie and Wanderer.

11:27 – For Jake & Max: On if they found Saoirse approaching scenes differently depending on who she was playing.

13:28 – For Stephenie: On why she seems fascinated with eyes.

14:08 – For Saoirse: On dealing with the contact lenses.

15:10 – For cast: Favorite thing to do during breaks while on set.

16:17 – For Stephenie: Why Andrew Niccol was the right director for the film.

16:51 – For Jake: Favorite scene.

18:39 – For Saoirse: On if Cheetos will be involved.

19:30 – For Saoirse (as her battery’s dying): On her approach to playing the two characters when switching.

Saoirse was lost after this question.  It was left to the other three to fill in the void.

21:50 – For Max: On dealing with doing an American accent.

22:25 – For cast: On if there was an intimidation factor acting with William Hurt.

23:20 – For Stephenie: Inspiration for The Host.

24:49 – For everyone: On how working in the desert was like.

25:32 – For Max: On what the most grueling physical day was for him.

26:10 – For Stephenie: On favorite moments that didn’t make it into the movie.

27:05 – For Jake: On if there was a moment in the book that helped him form his character.

28:17 – For everyone: On if the world is a better place with the souls or not.

28:56 – For Jake: On managing the romantic scenes with Saoirse.

29:45 – For Max: On if he read the book prior to his audition.

30:28 – For cast: On improvisation.

31:34 – For everyone: On what drew them to the project and any favorite sci-fi movies.

34:05 – For Stephenie: On possible cameo in film.

34:49 – For Stephenie: On sequel.

36:08 – For Stephenie: On the movie soundtrack.

37:17 – For Max: On how the Wanda and Jared relationship come together on set.

38:09 – For cast: On acting with Diane Kruger.

 38:57 – For everyone: On most emotional day on set.

41:49 – For Stephenie: On how the story personally resonated with her, and how it compares to the Twilight trilogy.

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