Superhero Saturday: Marvel – ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’

Captain America: Political Thriller

It’s been pretty quiet lately on Steve Rogers news, except for this recent bit of information: 

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) will be getting some back-up from the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and from a similarly-super-powered partner in Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. But according to Marvel head Kevin Feige, the sequel won’t simply be continuing Captain America‘s ‘fantastic’ take on an honorable soldier.


Anyone paying attention to Marvel’s current and scheduled slate of films knows that variety is paramount, and each new release helps change what the term ‘comic book movie’ implies. Speaking with Variety about the genre’s longevity – with virtually hundreds of stories to tell from decades of publishing comics – Feige explained his optimism, with particular attention paid to the direction taken with The Winter Soldier:

“If it is a fad, it’s one that lasts 30 to 40 years, as the Western did, because each one is so different…There’s an opportunity to graft almost sub-genres onto them. Our first Captain America film was a World War II picture, and the next is a political thriller. They all have their own textures and patinas, and that’s what is exciting about it.”

That really doesn’t mean much, really.  It can still be pretty awesome and have action, no doubt.  Hopefully we’ll get a better idea of what they mean later.  

via ScreenRant.

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