Stephenie Meyer Confirms Title of ‘THE HOST’ Sequel

If you’ve been following Stephenie Meyer closely, you know that she’s stated that ‘The Host’ is ultimately supposed to be a trilogy and that’s she’s been rather slowly working on the second book.  But due to the success of the Twilight Saga and now the promotion of both ‘The Host’ and ‘Austenland,’ of which she is producer for, her progress has been about a snail’s pace, or even slower.  Luckily, we got this bit of information:

The Seeker has been rumored to be the The Host sequel for years but this is the first time Meyer has confirmed it. The Host has always been described as a trilogy with The Seeker and The Soul respectively being books two and three.

So, now we know.  Of course, questions will arise as to who exactly the Seeker is because as you remember, the one that was after Wanderer is actually supposed to be out of the picture now, or is she?  We can only hope that Stephenie will get back home soon and just concentrate on writing…  well, after promoting her two movies.  

via Hypable.

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