Colton Haynes opens up even more about his ‘ARROW’ character, Roy Harper


The LA TV Insider Examiner spent some quality time with Colton Haynes, discussing all things ‘Arrow’ and his role in the show, Roy Harper.

“Roy is kind of a smart-ass, so he is not afraid to make fun of [Thea] for the fact that she has butlers. He makes fun of her like, ‘Yeah, I do have to answer my own door’…so there’s a lot of fun, witty things that go on between them. I like that they kept it more light, instead of him being really rude to her.  He’s pretty much always reminding her ‘This is how I live my life; that’s how you live your life, so can you stay out of The Glades? Because you’re going to get into a lot of trouble!’ Which ultimately ends up happening.”

For some reason, Thea can’t stay away from him, as if she knows there’s more to him than the little con-thief that he makes himself out to be.

willa-holland-colton-haynes-arrow-set-09-header“He has a heart, but he also has bills to pay. They’re doing it so well where you want to trust Roy, and you want to believe Thea whenever she tells everybody he’s a good guy, but then there’s also the way he’s lived his whole life…His normal is going and stealing things to get food. That’s how he grew up. So he could end up getting her into more trouble, or [he could] help save her, in a way.  She is so fascinated by this world in which he lives. He keeps pushing her down, in a way, and she keeps being like ‘Why is this guy so rude to me?’ That’s the initial attraction for her, but eventually Roy starts to realize ‘Wow, maybe this girl really does care about me. Why does she care about me?’”

But that doesn’t seem surprising as she always seems to be drawn to the so-called “bad boys.”

What’s going to be interesting to see is that Roy Harper isn’t another one of the rich and high society characters that the Queen family see on a regular basis, so this gives a different perspective, especially when it comes to The Glades, in that maybe we’ll see a something other than the warehouse that Ollie trains in, which is actually in The Glades.

“They start talking about The Glades a lot,” Haynes said. “The Arrow’s always saying The Glades has something to do with the overall scheme of things. Whether that means that Roy has been secretly trying to infiltrate the Queens’ life for a while, or they’re going to be shaping him from the disaster of The Glades, though, we will find out!”

So, what’s in store for Roy Harper on the show?

“There’s something that happens to Roy in a very public way, so they’re introduced to Roy [but] not in an ideal way of him coming over for dinner. It’s a thing that makes him a little famous in a non-glamorous way…I think there’s a lot of things they’re setting up to make Roy either go down a really dark path or give him some guidance.  Down the road, he sees that there’s something else out there. He sees a different path.”

Yeah, I think Colton’s transition from his jerk-jock-kanima character in Teen Wolf to jerk-thief-antihero character on this show is one that I whole-heartedly accept.  


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