Superhero Saturday: Marvel – ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’


Don’t know how close they were to getting Jason Momoa to play Drax, but it doesn’t matter now, since he’s apparently decided to bow out of the film.  I’m not entirely sure that’s the greatest idea for his career considering how his film career has been since Game of Thrones.  

IGN pointed out that Momoa’s decision was likely made because of Marvel’s notorious tough negotiations tactics and low-salary offers.  Momoa and camp would likely not be the first to turn down the studio’s offer related to the “Guardians” project.

Well, if he thinks that the best decision for him, then who are we to stop him.  He obviously doesn’t care for the comics, so oh well.  No blood spilt here… or I mean, no tears shed here.  

via AceShowBiz.

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