LORIEN LEGACIES ‘THE FALL OF FIVE’ Author Answers One Question


Warning: This contains slight spoiler on the short novel “The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies

For those who’ve been keeping up with the Loriens and all that’s going on with them here on earth, you may be wondering if Adamus, the character from “The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies,” is going to play a part in the upcoming “The Fall of Five,” the 4th novel in the Lorien Legacies book series.  Well, Pittacus has an answer for you all:

“Adamus, or Adam, will have an important role in the story of the Gard, in the survival of the Loric people.  Their paths will cross eventually, although how that happens may surprise you.  All I can tell you is that Adam is one of the most unusual people I have ever encountered, whether Mogadorian or human.”

So, what do you think of that?   

Remember, The Fall of Five comes out August 27, 2013. 

via iamnumferfourfans.com.

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