Superhero Saturday: DC – ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’


This is according to what Latino Review‘s El Mayimbe says:

According to Latino-Review‘s latest Justice League report, that may be what they’re doing. Their report (see below for video) claims that in response to Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars and the massive success of The Avengers franchise to date, Warner Bros. is bringing Christian Bale back, for the simple reason that his films, based on a solo character and directed by Christopher Nolan, brought in over a billion dollars each on the last two installments, something Marvel was only able to achieve (so far) with a team-up.

Chris Nolan is producing (and provided the story for) Man of Steel so even though he’s always said he wants his Batman universe to live on its own and that it wouldn’t continue with him, he is involved in another DC property for the studio and was integral in bringing [director Zack] Snyder aboard. There’s no way their ideas end with one Superman movie.

Of course, neither Warner Bros. nor DC Entertainment have confirmed or made any official statement at this time. But with El Mayimbe’s rumor record, it’s highly possible this is truth. We shall see. It would be very cool to see Henry Cavill and Christian Bale and (hopefully) Ryan Reynolds grouping together to make an epic superhero movie, wouldn’t it?

via ScreenRant.

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