The PaleyFest welcomed a handful of excellent television shows to come and talk about their respective shows.  One of those shows was ‘Arrow‘ and boy, did they have a lot to talk about, and tease.  

From what we saw, the following is a list of what we can expect in the remaining episodes of Season 1. 

  • On Tommy and Oliver’s bestfriendship – Arrow saved Malcom Merylin (John Barrowman) from drying a tragic death on last week’s episode. And he had to reveal himself to do so. “Things are going to get really complicated. It’s not going to be easy at all.” Amell said about Tommy (Colin Donnell) finding out his bestfriend is Arrow.
  • On Roy Harper, played by Colton HaynesHarper is known in the DC Comics universe as Green Arrow’s teenage sidekick. Berlanti hinted to Celebuzz what’s in store for the former teen wolf. “We’ve got a pretty exciting storyline coming up for him. When he meets the Arrow for the first time,” he said. “That changes his character a lot.”  Amell wasted no time agreeing. “Roy and My character have a run in soon. My encounter with him as arrow changes things,” he said, with a smirk on his face.
  • On more villains – We’ve seen some notable villians getting in green Arrow’s way this season. And accoring to Arrow himself, that won’t be stopping anytime soon. “We have a returning villian in episode 17 and episode 19. There’s a really cool new one in 18,” Amell reveals.” That’s enough to hold any arrow fan over for a while. It’s also another reason why our hero needs a sidekick. Hint, hint, haynes.
  • On Flashbacks – The series began expanding on the significance of the flashbacks a handful of episodes into the season. And although things stayed within the confines of the island, this might change. Amell, who said doing the flashback scenes were his favorite part of the show, gave us some insight, “We have a very interesting flashback three or four episodes from now. We  also have a way back flashback coming.” Who’s excited to see a pre-righteous Oliver Queen?
  • On traveling outside of Starling City – Even though we’ve seen Arrow speak in different tongues, we haven’t seen him outside of Starling City. A fan asked if we could expect that to change. EP Kreisberg gave us hope. “He’s going to make a trip to [Bludhaven]. There’s always that. There’s two cities we probably will never go to, won’t say which those are. But, there’s  always a possibility that Oliver will travel all over the world on the show. Even if we never leave Vancouver,” he told a theater full of Arrow fans.
  • On more guest appearances – Lastly,  producers teased a very exiting guest star without spoiling too much. “We have a very popular star coming up, from a very popular genre show,” Kreisberg hinted.

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Sounds interesting, yes?  

You can watch the hour long panel at GreenArrowTV.


Here’s some other information:

  • On the Huntress’ (Jessica de Gouw) return – “The genesis of this story is what happens when you’re dating someone and your crazy ex-girlfriend comes back?” Kreisberg said of The Huntress’ return. “Oliver is in this great relationship with McKenna Hall, and when the Huntress comes back, her desire to take down her father is still very much alive, but as are her feelings for Oliver. She both needs Oliver’s help to eliminate her father, but at the same time, she’s not too happy to find out she’s moved on to somebody else.”
  • On Laurel’s sister – Though she popped up unexpectedly, and some could argue with an agenda of saying whatever possible to get her daughter not to slam the door in her face, Mrs. Lance (Alex Kingston) actually has done her research. Guggenheim said her arc is a three-part story in which she will challenge Detective Lance and manage to convince Laurel (Katie Cassidy) to see new angles to a story that was clouded by grief. By the end of the third episode, Guggenheim said the audience would know “definitively” what the deal with Sara is, though he was reluctant to say whether that means she is dead or alive.
  • On Felicity – “She’s really the conscience for Oliver, and as things move forward, we really see this great relationship between her and Oliver and her and Diggle, and it really takes three of them to do this,” Kreisberg said.
  • On Moira Queen“I think what’s so interesting about Moira is you look back at the pilot, and she had her son tortured to find out if Robert had told him anything about the undertaking; that’s how far she would go to keep Oliver safe. So what Moira is willing to do is why she’s such an amazing character. She’s the ultimate mama bear, and when she’s backed into a corner, she can be quite deadly. She’s working with somebody who’s obviously capable of a lot of destruction,” Kreisberg said.  “We’re going to see more of the genesis of how Moira came into the undertaking moving forward. I think people are going to be surprised and develop a level of sympathy for her they weren’t expecting.”

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Highlights from ARROW’s PaleyFest Panel

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