The men of The Host stopped by Kare 11 News in St. Paul, Minnesota, to give a little insight on the film and what it’s about.

Jake Abel (Ian O’Shea) explains the movie this way:

“At the heart of it, I think it’s a sci-fi film.  It’s an alien invasion story after the alien invasion, and the invasion was peaceful, which is something we’ve never seen before.  These aliens have perfected our world.  There’s no war, there’s no hunger, there’s no currency.  And we’re a part of the last human faction to be surviving in a hidden cave out in the desert.”

Max Irons (Jared Howe) expands on the central characters and how they’re relationship is with one another: 

“Well, in fact, [Saoirse Ronan] plays 2 characters.  My character, Jared Howe, falls in love with her human form, Melanie Stryder, but halfway through the film, she’s taken, inhabited, and she becomes a soul, she becomes an alien, returns to the cave in the physical form of the girl her foreknew, but she is no longer herself, at which point…”

Jake continues the summary, saying the following: 

“…because I didn’t know her when she was a human, so I’m only meeting this invaded human, this alien.  And my character Ian, who’s a bit more evolved, watches her and sees that she’s perhaps a bit more human than we are.”

They then talk about how the physical parts of the filming were actually fun, and that they’d love to make another movie (if there’s enough interest, and money, of course.)

via kare11.

Max Irons and Jake Abel Talk THE HOST During Minneapolis Visit

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