Superhero Saturday: Marvel – ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’

Jim Sturgess on His Audition

In a recent interview with Collider:

You recently talked about the audition process you went through when you were vying for the lead role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which you said even included a costume fitting. How difficult is it to get further and further down the road for a role and get more attached to the character, only to have it ultimately go to someone else?

STURGESS: I worked as an actor for a few years before anything happened, so I’m used to going up for auditions, and then not getting the role. But sometimes I don’t read the book of the film, in case I just totally fall in love with it, and then it just becomes an obsession and you want to do it so much because you’ve completely fallen in love with the story and the characters. And then, if the part doesn’t go your way, it’s heartbreaking. So, there’s a certain amount of distance you have to keep before you can throw yourself in 100%. But with that, I didn’t really know much. They don’t tell you too much about what you’re actually getting yourself into. You’re just going along for the ride and seeing how far you can take it. I never felt connected to the material because I never read any material.

via Collider.

Brian Michael Bendis on the Film


I had this idea of one of the Guardians being an Earth member. It seemed like that would be a cool thing to do and would say a lot more what the book is. It’d be so easy for any of them to do otherwise [than be a hero], but instead they’re being selfless. That’s pretty cool. You look at Star-Lord and once you find his origin story, there you go, man. He’s our Luke Skywalker. That’s our Peter Parker right there. In the fight [Drax] is amazing, but in between those fights not only does he not know what to do with himself but there are constantly people challenging him or trying to make their name on him. [Gamora] thinks her father is a monster and is going to do whatever she can to stop it. Rocket’s got a whole thing going on in his past and it’s all messed up and he’s the only one of his kind. It’s hilarious how much you end up caring about him, and how much he cares about Groot makes you care about him. You start with the gag, then all of a sudden they’re the heart and soul of the piece.

He goes on further describing the feel of the movie:

It’s fantastical imagination. It’s the best of what comics and movies can do — here is a new world, here is a new agenda. When the first Iron Man movie was put on the schedule, a lot of people were commenting in the exact same way: ‘He’s not a household name like Spider-Man. I don’t know…’ It’s almost the exact same conversation we’re having about Guardians. The potential is definitely there.

via GeekTyrant.

Check out the preview for Guardians of the Galaxy on Marvel NOW!

Guardians of the Galaxy Exclusive Preview


A Video on Who Are Guardians of the Galaxy

IGN posted the video. Longtime fans won’t find anything they didn’t already know, but for newbies wondering just what the heck a Star-Lord is or why that raccoon is wielding a gun, this is a much easier way to get the basics than sifting through endless summaries on Wikipedia.

via /Film.

Dave Bautista to Play Drax


Well, The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that the mixed martial artist and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista has closed his deal to play the character in James Gunn’s big screen adaptation. The site describes the character as, “a human resurrected as a green warrior with the sole purpose of killing Thanos (the villain in the final-scene tease of Avengers). His powers include flight, super-strength and energy blasts.”

via ComicBookMovie.

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