More Photos of THE HOST Cast at The Grove

Here’s some more photos from The Host signing at The Grove in Los Angeles.  If you follow Jake Abel (@MrJakeAbel), you’ll know he’s notorious for sending out dares via Twitter to do or say something to author Stephenie Meyer.  He also included a dare to do something to his fellow co-star, Max Irons.  I, unfortunately, was not prepared for such theatrics at the time as I was pretty much in line for most of the day.

“Dare: Go Buy Bouncy Balls. Tons of Bouncy Balls. Unload them on Stephanie Meyer‘s signing table @thegroveLA today,” Jake issued the dare to his fans earlier in the day.

He added a few moments later, “Dare #2: Exploit Max‘s fear of bugs by bringing him fake plastic bugs to @thegroveLA book signing today.”

via Just Jared Jr..

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