THE HOST Cast at The Grove

thehost-thegrove-01I was lucky enough to be able to get up to L.A. for the book signing of The Host. Casting call included Jake Abel, Max Irons, and Diane Kruger as well as author Stephenie Meyer. Unfortunately, due to a missed flight, Saoirse Ronan, who was scheduled to be there, was not able to make it, and arrived later to do the press junket on Sunday.

Also unfortunate was the fact that since I’m like all you, just a fan, I had to battle against the press/media for the perfect shot of the cast as they came into the Barnes & Noble book store for the signing. Me being at a height disadvantage, the below shots were the best I could do, nor did we have the best angle for our photos since the cast’s backs were facing us, especially when being rushed through the line, and we actually had to turn off our cameras/camera phones even before we stepped up to them to get their signatures.

However short the time, it was a pleasure meeting Jake, Max, and Diane.

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