During Sunday’s press junket for The Host, Page to Premiere got to spend some time with the actors and even gets a spoiler from the Max and Jake interview, so be warned, if you want it, they do reveal who plays Pet at the end of the movie.  Please note that I think pretty much all the interviewers in the press junket were female, so there is quite a bit of female giggles/laughter, especially with the Jake and Max interview.

With Saoirse Ronan (SPOILER: Certain details about the movie are revealed that you may not want to know about)

The interview consisted of Saoirse’s inner dialogue, having to deal with the secret actress’s role, Saoirse’s experience with Stephenie Meyer’s fandom, on having Stephenie around, on Max and Jake’s kissing, walking in heels in the desert, fun stuff on the set, going off on the script and the book, working with William Hurt and Francis Fisher, on Cinderella movie, the future prospects of the character on the possible sequel, and on pranking co-star Jake Abel.

With Max Irons and Jake Abel (SPOILER: Certain details about the movie are revealed that you may not want to know about)

There’s discussion about Max doing American accents, Jake acting with Saoirse’s Wanda, having Stephenie Meyer around, favorite scenes, Max’s aversion to butterflies, kissing scenes, auditioning for the movie, Jake in Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters film, Jake being in Supernatural, obsessions, Max on Justin Bieber, the future of the characters in the possible sequel, and the secret actress (name is revealed) that appears at the end of the movie.

With Diane Kruger

Diane tried not to spend too much time giving away spoilers for the movie, but she talks about what attracted her to role of the Seeker, the development of her character using the script, wearing white, seeing the differences of her character between the movie Seeker and the book Seeker, being a fan of sci-fi, experiencing the fandom, working with Quentin Tarantino as compared to working with Andrew Niccol, what she kept from the set, and what other character she would have liked to play.

With Stephenie Meyer (SPOILER: Certain details about the movie are revealed that you may not want to know about)

Stephenie talks about how the movies affect her writing, the other worlds that Wanderer inhabited, on the process of casting the actress that they chose to play Pet (the character that appears in the end of the movie), on the appearance of the Seeker’s presence, on the desire of having Emily Browning to play Bella originally for Twilight, on being producer, on what’s worth fighting for, the outcome of the characters in the movie as compared to the outcome of the characters in the book, on being the different roles of writer, producer, etc., what she was given from the set, Andrew Niccol’s ideas, the length of the movie, and how the souls invaded the earth.

THE HOST Interviews with Page to Premiere

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