Celina Jade on Her Role as Shado On The CW’s ARROW


SPOILER WARNING!  There’s a bit of it in this article for the upcoming episode.

As the guest appearances continue to rise on Arrow, here’s some info from one of them.  Celina Jade, who’ll be playing a character named Shado, daughter of Yao Fei and captive on the island that Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson are at, gives us the brief scoop of her character’s involvement in the show.

Apparently Shado doesn’t stay a captive of Fyers for long as she joins up with Oliver and Slade.

“She will team up with Slade and Oliver to get on the rescue mission to save her father and escape the island. Somehow they have to come up with a way to leave the island.”

And who is Shado exactly? How close is the character to her comic book doppelganger?

“First of all, she’s not Japanese [laugh]. In the comics, Shado was the daughter of the Yakuza. Here… she’s a lawyer fighting to free her father from being banished to the island by the Chinese government….Shado is an excellent martial artist. She’s also trained in archery. We’ll see more of that in upcoming episodes where she teaches Oliver a signature move….Slade’s a little bit surprised by her marital arts skills. Her fighting might even be better than Slade’s. Slade’s been having trouble teaching Oliver how to do martial arts. Shado comes from different sort of training, so she’ll have a go at teaching Oliver how to fight. In the end, they’re on the same team. They want to save Yao-Fei and get off the island.”

via ComicBookMovie.

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