Stephenie Meyer Talks About Getting Past Twilight, THE HOST Star Saoirse Ronan, and The Sequels

Stephenie MeyerAt the movie premiere of The Host, that was held at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles, Stephenie Meyer got to talk a little about the movie as well as some other things that have dominated her life these days. 

On Twilight

“I can’t imagine that I’ll ever do an interview where someone doesn’t mention Twilight,” Meyer tells The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere on March 19. “I think it will follow me. I think there are good and bad things to that.”

“I hope that I’m able to do better things,” she adds. “While I’ll always have Twilight with me, I’ll grow and be a better writer.”

On The Host casting: 

“When we started doing this, my first instruction with the casting was that I don’t care if they look like my description,” she says. “I cared that they were the best actors we can find and they feel like my characters.”

On Saoirse Ronan playing the starring role, even though the character is in her mid 20s and Saoirse had only recently turned 18: 

“I wasn’t thinking that young, but then once we really looked at what she could do and what no one else could do, I can’t picture anyone else in the role,” she says.

On the move itself: 

“I’ve seen it several times and I don’t feel like, ‘Oh I’m done.’ I still like watching it so I think that’s a good thing,” she says.

On the planned books 2 and 3:

“I might wrap it up in two,” she says. “We’ll see if the story feels complete.”

“I need to get home and lock myself in a closet so I can get that done,” she adds. “I don’t know how to cut out all the interruptions because some of them are really important — like my kids.”

I suppose it’s ultimately up to the writer on how many books will be in a series, however, I would find it quite surprising if she were able to finish the series after 2 books.  Then again, she never did finish Midnight Sun.  

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